Country and language statistics

Country of origin

Country of origin refers to the geographical location of the organization, individual, or individuals responsible for the intellectual content of a public Web site.

Note: country of origin does NOT refer to the physical location of the Web server on which the site's content is stored.

1999 2002
Country Percent of public sites Country Percent of public sites
US 49% US 55%
Germany 5% Germany 6%
UK 5% Japan 5%
Canada 4% UK 3%
Japan 3% Canada 3%
Australia 2% Italy 2%
Brazil 2% France 2%
Italy 2% Netherlands 2%
France 2% Others 18%
Others 16% Unknown 4%
Unknown 10%    

Language(s) of textual content

The languages used to express the textual content of a public site. Note that multiple languages can be used. The percentage below refers to the number of public sites on which the language appears. Only languages appearing on 1 percent or more of public Web sites are listed.

1999 2002
Language Percent of public sites Language Percent of public sites
English 72% English 72%
German 7% German 7%
French 3% Japanese 6%
Japanese 3% Spanish 3%
Spanish 3% French 3%
Chinese 2% Italian 2%
Italian 2% Dutch 2%
Portuguese 2% Chinese 2%
Dutch 1% Korean 1%
Finnish 1% Portuguese 1%
Russian 1% Russian 1%
Swedish 1% Polish 1%

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