Open software -- Using CVS

Using WinCVS - the Windows GUI client

Let's assume the CVS user id is "joe" and his CVS password is "pw4joe" and that he wants to modify files in the "RecordHandler" module of "pears".

Logon to CVS

  1. Run WinCVS on your Windows machine.
  2. Select Admin from toolbar.
  3. Select Preferences from the Admin menu.
  4. Select General from toolbar.
  5. Enter the CVSROOT:
  6. Authentication: " passwd" file on the cvs server
  7. Use version: cvs 1.10(Standard).
  8. Select Ports from toolbar.
  9. Select " pserver" with port: 2401.
  10. Select WinCVS from toolbar.
  11. Default viewer used to open files: Notepad
  12. Select OK at bottom.
  13. Select Admin from toolbar.
  14. Select Login from the Admin menu.
  15. Enter the password: pw4joe
  16. A return code of 0 indicates command completed successfully.

Check out a module

  1. Select Create from toolbar.
  2. Select Checkout module from Create menu.
  3. Select Checkout settings.
  4. Enter the module name and path on server: RecordHandler/home/CVS/pears/cvsroot.
  5. Select Globals
  6. Check Prune (remove) empty directories
  7. Select OK at bottom.

Edit a file

  1. The tree of directories and files of module RecordHandler shows in the WinCVS window.
  2. Select file you wish to edit. File will be displayed in a Notepad window.
  3. After modifying, saving and closing Notepad the modified file will be highlighted in file tree in red.

Commit modified file to repository

  1. Select Modify from toolbar.
  2. Select Commit selection from Modify menu.
  3. At "Enter the log message:" you will enter a message describing the changes you have made to the edited file and any consequences of that change in other files or the system as a whole. This is a very important step.
  4. Select OK at bottom of box.


  1. Select Admin on toolbar.
  2. Select logout on Admin menu.

Using CVS command-line client

The command-line client behaves the same on Windows and other platforms. It is straightforward to use once the logon process is successfully completed.

Let's see how "joe" from above would accomplish a logon using the command-line client.

Logon to CVS

To login, enter:

%cvs -d:pserver: login

After the logon is successfully completed you may enter CVS commands. For online help use:

%cvs help

%cvs help checkout

Note: Use the "-P" option with the checkout and update commands.

The CVS manual available from the Concurrent Versions System web site has detailed information on using CVS and its commands.

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