SHARES Executive Group

This group represents the interests of all participants in SHARES. It advises OCLC Research and the OCLC Research Library Partnership on long-term planning for SHARES services, identifies needs for new or revised policies for resource-sharing activities, develops ideas for program enhancements and addresses strategic directions.

Eight participants are elected by the SHARES liaisons and serve for two years; three of the seats are allotted to members from museum, law, and non-North American institutions. Every year four representatives are elected.

Name Institution E-mail Address

Peter Bae

Princeton University

Beth Clausen

Northwestern University

Judy Ann Davis

University of Washington, Gallagher Law Library

Linda Dols

University of Arizona

Robyn Fleming

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Victoria Flood

University of Manchester

Jennifer Lee

University of California, Los Angeles

Brian Miller

The Ohio State University

We are a worldwide library cooperative, owned, governed and sustained by members since 1967. Our public purpose is a statement of commitment to each other—that we will work together to improve access to the information held in libraries around the globe, and find ways to reduce costs for libraries through collaboration.