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ISSUE 23 - The hope and hype of MOOCs

A panel discussion on a new model of education and a new platform of engagement


Cover Story

The hope and hype of MOOCs
Do MOOCs truly represent a sea change for both public and academic libraries, or just a new twist on the distance learning profession?


Right-scaling stewardship of the collective print resource
This new report from OCLC Research explores regional-scale cooperative print management from two perspectives: a local academic library print book collection and a consortial-scale collective print book resource.

Introducing WorldCat Discovery Services
This new suite of cloud-based applications brings together access for electronic, digital and physical collections in a single interface, optimized for use across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Making a place in the community: Public libraries go “Outside the Box”
Public libraries are learning the art of placemaking by creating shared, fun entertainment events in their communities.