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Magnify the impact of libraries
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    Shining a light on the essential work that libraries do

    Programs like the Outside the Box initiative give libraries a chance to do more community outreach. And new programs are equipping libraries to lead learning initiatives for information workers.

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    At a Tipping Point

    Fueled by the intersection of confident consumer skills, effective technology tools and economic incentives, we are tipping from the age of students as directed learners to an era of students as empowered education consumers and eager education evalu...

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    Making a place in the community: Public libraries go “Outside the Box”

    Public libraries across the country are learning the art of placemaking by creating shared, fun entertainment events in their communities.

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    Connecting with the community

    For the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library (CML), like so many libraries, the past two years have not been easy. This award-winning library saw its budget shrink 39 percent, from $34.6 to $21.7 million from fiscal 2009 to 2011, a devastating blo...

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