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ISSUE 23 - The Hope & Hype of MOOCs

Learn the next trend affecting libraries and the next step that will help libraries create value and shape their future.

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President's Report

Trends and tipping points


Many of us are interested in new and emerging technology trends. We speculate about which advancements will be big hits, changing how we live or work—and which will surge, but then fall quickly, ending up in the dust bin of invention. Exploring the trends that will impact the work of libraries is a vitally important part of what OCLC does.
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    MOOCs: A quick background

    For those not deeply immersed in the intersection of education and technology, here is a summary of the historical arc of MOOCs.

  • article8_th

    200 WorldShare Management Services libraries live!

    In June 2014, OCLC’s WorldShare Management Services celebrated its 200th library to go live. Congratulations to the University of Delaware Library, the 200th library—and the first ARL member library—to go live with WMS.

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    EMEA Regional Council 2014 Annual Meeting

    The 2014 EMEARC Meeting has now come and gone. The theme for this meeting was: Library Community in Action: advancing knowledge, collaboration and innovation.

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    At a Tipping Point

    Fueled by the intersection of confident consumer skills, effective technology tools and economic incentives, we are tipping from the age of students as directed learners to an era of students as empowered education consumers and eager education eval...

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