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Danish library collections now discoverable worldwide in real time through WorldCat


Dansk Bibliotekscenter (DBC) is partnering with OCLC to synchronize DANBIB, the Danish national union catalogue, with WorldCat, making real-time updates that will result in faster visibility of the collections around the world through leading websites and search engines.

Synchronizing the DANBIB catalogue with WorldCat in real time will help the Danish libraries realize the full benefit of syndication through the world’s largest online database for discovery of library resources. OCLC partners with leading search engines and websites to make library collections in WorldCat more visible and accessible through the Web.

The DANBIB catalogue includes all books, periodicals and newspapers published in Denmark since 1970 as well as many published earlier, significant newspaper and journal articles published since 1945, and reviews published since 1990. Synchronization with WorldCat gives searchers around the world improved access to this rich and ever-expanding dataset.

DBC will also benefit from WorldCat’s linked data approach, which positions the collection data of Denmark’s libraries in the unique linked dataset that OCLC is generating from As more national union catalogues and library networks load their data in WorldCat, OCLC will continue to explore more opportunities to make local library holdings globally accessible.

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