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OCLC WorldShare Platform continues to support innovation from Partners

Latest developments with EMEA Partnerships

OCLC partners with more than 300 organisations and throughout 2013 we have had some new partnerships and developments in the EMEA region.  As the calendar year draws to a close we would like to take this opportunity to update you on how the OCLC WorldShare Platform supports these recent partner activities, which includes news about the award winning success of ReferenceME, who created a mobile reference App. 

An Award winning year for ReferenceME App

In April this year we announced the success of OCLC partner T & Biscuits, now formally known as ReferenceME.  The South London, based organisation created a mobile reference app, called ReferenceME.  The App enables students and professionals to download citations directly into their papers, search catalogues, as well as being able to access source materials from libraries and store citations.

ReferenceME Team
Photo from ReferenceME

It became a Top 10 Educational App Download on the iTunes store as well as being voted the App of the Week for IOS and Android by The Guardian newspaper. Since then the success of the ReferenceME app has continued with its creators winning a prestigious award in the technology sphere.  In October, they were named “Best use of APIs” in the Appster awards, which is an annual event, held this year in Kensington, London.  The award winners were decided by a judging panel of independent experts including Google’s Principal Architect Grant Allen, and Spotify’s Head of Special Projects, Shakil Khan.

Following this achievement, in November, ReferenceME finished in 2nd place in the UK category of “Best Education Technology” company.  This was a UK based competition known as The Challenge Cup, which acknowledges the achievements of start up businesses worldwide.

OCLC members have played an integral part in supporting the accomplishment of the ReferenceME App.  With OCLC members’ data being made available through the WorldShare Platform, start-up businesses such as ReferenceME have the means to the world’s biggest source of library bibliographic and holdings data via the WorldCat APIs.  OCLC’s collaboration with these partners helps it provide value back to its members by aiding a variety of technology developments which directly benefits the library community and beyond.  



OCLC recently announced a new three year contract with Nielsen BookData.  Nielsen is a UK based organisation and their enriched content data is now licensed for use throughout the WorldShare Platform including its discovery and library management applications.  The Nielsen database holds more than 22.5 million title records and the deal will make 16 selected data elements, including cover art, tables of contents, reviews, links to author resources and enhanced descriptions available to OCLC libraries.


Citavi is the 6th biggest user of the WorldCat search API globally and is also now live with the WorldCat knowledge base API.  Their software is in use with over 200,000 users in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. OCLC are working with Citavi to demonstrate how libraries’ access data can support end users’ research needs both on and off campus, by having direct access to full text records.


Citethisforme is the 9th biggest user of the WorldCat search API globally, which in this instance is used for citation generation. The automatic generation of correctly formatted citation entries saves students both time and lost marks.  Within a few clicks Citethisforme finds, selects and enters the correct data into their essays.


In November OCLC signed with a new WorldCat search API partner.  This organisation is UK based and offers a freely accessible site to encourage public library users to read less well-known authors and titles by presenting them with a variety of selectable facets which determine the type, style and tone of books they want to read.  Once users have chosen their book they can direct themselves straight to their local library to obtain it. 


OCLC has recently signed an agreement with partner FindMyLibrary.  The online site provides both library look-ups and book search capabilities via the WorldCat Search API.  FindMyLibrary is another site supporting public libraries which makes it easy for users to find their ‘local library.’ 

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