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OCLC Global Council Meeting videos available


On the 11th – 13th November the OCLC Global Council met in person for its annual meeting, held in Dublin, Ohio.  The Global Council is made up of 48 Member Delegates who have been elected by the Regional Councils and whose role is to represent OCLC member libraries from their respective regions around the world.   Our members have direct influence at every decision-making level within OCLC, and this meeting allows the greatest opportunity for the voices of member libraries to be heard.

From Europe, the Middle East and Africa, OCLC have 11 librarians from around the region that attend Global Council and who are integral to helping determine changes to OCLC’s strategy and decisions.  As part of the agenda Robert Moropa, Chair EMEARC, gave an update report on the EMEA Regional Council which was later followed by Cendrella Habre, who spoke about a non-Latin Cataloguing Interest Group and Bert Looper who spoke on Libraries, Museums, and the Archives Interest Group.

Some of the presentations from the annual Meeting are now available on the OCLC YouTube channel for you to watch. 

  • Keynote Susan Hildreth, Director, US Institute of Museum and Library Services (ILMS) presented, “A Vision for Innovative Libraries”.  Susan discussed the goals of IMLS and suggested that they can also be considered in the wider library community.
  • Keynote Bruce Kingma, Syracuse University, presented on “Understanding our Value Proposition”, which explains his part in the research being conducted into the value of the academic library, a part of research that Bruce suggests is absent.
  • Brandon Butler, American University, spoke on “Eight Questions Libraries should ask about Copyright Reform”.  Brandon looks at how the Internet has transformed crisis issues of copyright.

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