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New German Marketing Campaign for public libraries
– “BiblioFreak”


A German Marketing campaign for public libraries called “BiblioFreak” has started in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  The concept is based on another OCLC-supported campaign in the US called “Geek the Library”.  As in the US, the German campaign aims to win the awareness of local individuals, in order to draw their attention to the services of public libraries and to motivate them to show their support.

“What do you geek?”


Participating librarians will be asking people in their community to express what they feel passionate about and enjoy learning about: “What do you geek?” or “Welcher Freak steckt in dir?”.   The five libraries participating in the pilot are, the Public Libraries of Graz in Austria, Baselland in Switzerland and in Germany, Leverkusen, Mettmann and Sömmerda. They were selected according to their different sizes and those that wanted to volunteer to be the first public libraries to be a part of this exciting campaign.

Discussions about the pilot between all institutions involved will take place on October 8, 2013 at the Bibliotheksleitertag 2013 in the German National Library of Frankfurt.   The pilot will continue until January 2014.

You can learn more about BiblioFreak on the Community Initiatives page.