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A new look for OCLC


In March of this year OCLC launched a new website. The new look is just one element of a long-term project to update the way we manage and display Web content.  The migration to the new site offered an opportunity to graphically revitalise the pages but to also create a more user friendly and interactive web platform. 

One of the main goals was for the content management system to support a more mobile-friendly site.  Jenny Johnson, Executive Director of Branding and Marketing purposes explained: “We built the new site using what’s called a ‘responsive design’ so that the content will look better on whatever device you use.” 

Users will still be familiar with the main categories on the web pages but will notice some significant improvements to navigation.  The OCLC web team have added a navigation feature commonly called a ‘mega drop’ for the main menu at the top of each page.  The purpose of this is to help users get to the information they need as quickly as possible. 

Deb Lewis, OCLC Web Manager explained one of the reasons why we chose the content management system we did: “Our new content management system, Adobe Web Experience Manager (CQ), is a leader in the industry of global website management and the only one (at the time of purchase) that included social media in its roadmap.” The visually redesigned eNews pages have an interactive element allowing registered users to rate and comment on the articles. 

eNews readers will see a comment and ratings box at the bottom of each article.  To be able to participate in this online communication channel you need to register as a user by selecting ‘Create an Account’.  Once you have your username and password you will be able comment on any eNews story.  Readers will also notice the social media icons across the website allowing individuals to Tweet, Post and Share OCLC communications. 

One of the priorities for the EMEA regions is to continue to develop a website that is region specific, suiting the needs of our users to make sure they can find exactly what they need and learn about products, news and event and cooperative developments that are specific to them.

While the initial launch is over, we continue to identify areas of improvement and welcome any comments and suggestions.   Please email