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MOOCs and Libraries: Massive opportunity or overwhelming challenge?


The "MOOCs and Libraries: Massive Opportunity or Overwhelming Challenge?" event took place 18-19 March at the University of Pennsylvania and was broadcast live online. Hosted by OCLC Research and University of Pennsylvania Libraries, the event featured thoughtful and provocative presentations about how libraries are already getting involved with MOOCs, and engaged attendees in discussions about strategic opportunities and challenges going forward. More than 500 people participated in this event: 125 attended in person and more than 400 attended remotely online.

Links to the 11 individual videos and a MOOCs and Libraries video playlist that comprises all of these videos are now on the MOOCs and Libraries event page, and on the OCLC Research YouTube Channel.

MOOCs and Libraries event page

OCLC Research YouTube Channel

Links to the presenters' slides, the next steps document and the #mooclib archived tweets from this event are available on the MOOCs and Libraries event page. Look to the OCLC Research blog, HangingTogether, for a short series of postings that recap presentation highlights and summarize outcomes from this event.