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OCLC's partnership with T and Biscuits makes
citation easy


A new partnership between OCLC and South London-based digital media agency, T and Biscuits, has resulted in the creation of an industry-leading education mobile reference app, ReferenceME.

The app, which lets students use their phones to scan book barcodes to instantly create and share bibliograpies and citations, has already been featured in the Top 10 Educational App Downloads on the iTunes store as well as being voted the App of the Week for IOS and Android by The Guardian.

One of the reasons the citation service has been so successful is that it lets users view the citation format as they enter their information, so they learn how to reference materials as they go. Then, ReferenceMe uses WorldCat to quickly fill citation information with formatting.

“It is the only app in the UK that compiles a bibliography according to the guidelines of whichever style manual the user selects,” said Tom Hatton, T and Biscuits Creative Director and CEO.

“Our partnership gives ReferenceME users access to a high-quality, reliable and secure data platform and helps take T & Biscuits’ product to market,” said Mark Allcock, OCLC Business Development Director. “Adding ReferenceME from T and Biscuits to our roster of platform partners ensures that students, using a range of apps, always have access to the best bibliographic data available. OCLC ensures that its members are front and centre in the research process.”

T and Biscuits was established by students from Leeds Met, Oxford, Cambridge and Oxford Brookes universities. ReferenceMe was created by Toby Green and Tom Hatton, students at the time, after they realised how many marks and time they were losing by referencing their work incorrectly.

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