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New OCLC video explains the power of syndicating
library data

Syndication for Libraries video

A new, 10 minute video about online syndication of media and data, and the opportunities that syndication can provide for libraries, is now available on the OCLC YouTube channel.

This short video discusses what syndication means and how it works online today, and then examines examples and opportunities for the syndication of content and services in the library environment. Libraries have always served as important hubs for local materials. They know and can best represent the needs of their local communities. And they are most qualified to help collect, preserve and promote important, unique local content.

Today, syndication online can help libraries distribute their resources more widely, reach more audiences, and promote the goals of libraries and librarianship. By creating networks with other libraries, syndicating materials and services out into the online environments people use most; libraries will find their way into people’s online information workflows, and this will connect more people in more diverse audiences back to all the other great resources that libraries provide.

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