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ArchiveGrid Transitioning to Free Service in January 2013


Work is currently underway to transition the ArchiveGrid database of archival collection descriptions from a subscription service to a free service on a new interface developed and managed by OCLC Research.

A beta version of the new interface developed by OCLC Research is available at no charge. This beta has been designed to support OCLC’s efforts to expand support for this type of data, engaging with the library/archive community as we work together to create more sustainable ways to grow the collection of data and represent it appropriately in WorldCat.

To support this transition, changes will be implemented to ArchiveGrid in the coming months.   The new version of ArchiveGrid from OCLC Research offers several advantages, such as, free and open access to researchers, scholars, students, genealogists and others, without a subscription.  You can find the full list of changes and advantages of the new version from the full ArchiveGrid announcement.

We believe this new direction for ArchiveGrid marks a great opportunity to broaden contribution, participation, utility, and visibility of this unique and important collection of resources. A list of current contributors to the ArchiveGrid collection is now available.  If you are not a current contributor and would like to begin contributing collection descriptions to ArchiveGrid please contact us to learn more about how to get started.

If you have any question about how this transition will affect a given site's access to ArchiveGrid, please contact Consulting Software Engineer Bruce Washburn.

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