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OCLC’s EZproxy hosted service is now live

In June, OCLC announced the availability, and first European pilot of the EZproxy hosted service at the University of the Arts London. Now, following a successful pilot, and subsequent adoption of the service at the University, OCLC are delighted to say that the cloud-based version of the world’s leading authentication and access solution is now live and available for implementation at libraries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

With the launch of a hosted version of EZproxy, libraries have the option to move access and identity management of their electronic resources to a fully managed service. This means a quick and easy installation of a proxy server for any size institution, providing 24/7 reliability and access—with minimal technical support required from the library.

The hosted version of EZproxy was born out of the growth in investment in e-resources by libraries, and the increasing numbers of users who choose to connect to these resources remotely. Online access to resources has a direct impact on the user’s experience of the library. OCLC’s goal is to help more libraries manage and provide one-click access to electronic content for their authorized users, regardless of location or device.

The hosted service is therefore ideal for institutions that wish to free themselves from the burden and cost of administering local servers and hardware. It is also ideal for libraries in non-converged settings where IT services are centralised and therefore slightly removed from library operations.

With EZproxy hosted, your institution has peace-of-mind; your data is held in a secure data environment in the UK. We manage the setup and configuration of middleware that relates to the content your library subscribes to. The software is run on dedicated OCLC servers and all aspects of IT monitoring, security, back-up and recovery is managed on your behalf.


To subscribe to the EZproxy hosted service, please email with your contact details.