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Adoption, functionality and content coverage of WorldCat Local grows

We are pleased to be able to bring you two exciting stories relating to WorldCat Local in this edition of eNews. Coinciding with the University library of Skövde's decision to adopt OCLC's discovery solution is the announcement of improvements to WorldCat local's functionality and content coverage.

University of Skövde in Sweden selects WorldCat Local

The University library of Skövde has selected WorldCat Local as its new discovery service, the first university library in Sweden to use OCLC's integrated solution for discovery of electronic, digital and print materials. The University library of Skövde plans to complete the first implementation phase of WorldCat Local at the start of the academic year in September.

The University library of Skövde was looking for a cost-effective solution with an extensive central index and comprehensive coverage of its holdings to provide students with fast and easy access to the library's electronic materials– over 15,000 eJournal titles and more than 70,000 eBooks.

After loading the university's records into WorldCat later in the year, print and digital materials will also be available for discovery in one single search and result set together with electronic publications. In addition to the discovery service, the WorldCat Local solution also provides a knowledge base and link resolver.

The University library of Skövde is planning to translate the interface into Swedish, which will make the Swedish WorldCat Local interface available to other Swedish institutions and users that are part of the OCLC worldwide cooperative.

By loading University library of Skövde records into WorldCat, its students and staff get quick, easy access to these materials via WorldCat Local, and other researchers and students around the world have the opportunity to discover these materials via

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WorldCat Local enhanced for easier electronic materials management and eBook discovery

The latest enhancements for WorldCat Local include updates to the WorldCat knowledge base and A-Z list functionality. The latest additions to the popular discovery and delivery service include the following new member-requested features:

  • The WorldCat knowledge base now includes collection-level URLs, a new linkscheme feature and API/User Interface improvements to make it that much easier to manage your electronic materials.
  • A-Z functionality now includes a browse feature for e-Books and new Note fields are now available.

Content continues to grow in the WorldCat central index—the extended view of WorldCat that includes 969+ million items, including licensed electronic content from publishers worldwide, open access digital materials from institutional respositories and evaluative items such as reviews, ratings and more.

The central index now includes three recently-added databases: American National Biography Online from Oxford University Press, Royal Society of Chemistry Journals from the Royal Society of Chemistry and World Bank eLibrary from the World Bank.

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