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OCLC-MARC Record Delivery

Transfer or import WorldCat records into a local system

A variety of WorldCat services generate bibliographic records in OCLC-MARC format. OCLC makes copies of these records available for you to import to your local system to keep your local holdings in synch with your holdings in WorldCat. Downloading records on a regular basis makes it easier for your systems staff to manage and upload them into your OPAC.

Three ways to get records

Export is the immediate transfer of a locally-edited record into your OPAC.

EDX (Electronic Data Exchange) allows you to concatenate and download multiple files simultaneously using Internet FTP.

Product Services (PSWeb) is a Web-based interface that provides download access (HTTP protocol) not only for your files of OCLC-MARC records, but also for reports and statistics for OCLC services you use.

OCLC products or service options that provide OCLC-MARC records

Product Generated records Frequency Delivery options
Connexion and CatExpress

Allows you to immediately load edited records into your local system from Connexion browser, Connexion client and CatExpress. OCLC-MARC bibliographic records are produced when you send an Export command.

Or, through a simple OCLC-MARC Record Subscription, you can download files of your edited cataloging records on a scheduled basis. Records are produced when you send an Update, Replace & Update, Produce & Update, or Delete Holdings command. If you are part of a consortium, multi-institution subscriptions are available.

Immediate (Export)


as MARC subscription files:









Contract cataloging OCLC professional catalogers take on your backlogs, retrospective projects, ongoing cataloging support or handling of special format or non-English materials. Your profile specifies your editing preferences. By project EDX


Batchload Receive files of matched OCLC records or unmatched subsets of the files you sent for processing. By project EDX

Bibliographic Record Notification Every day, this service compares all upgraded OCLC-MARC records to the records your library has holdings attached to, and then sends you upgraded records based on a detailed profile. Daily EDX

Cataloging Partners OCLC works with many of your favorite materials vendors, publishers and importers to provide manually-edited full MARC records for each title you order from the vendor's active title list. Each record is customized to your local standards and edited by OCLC Contract Cataloging staff. By order EDX

Bibliographic Record Snapshot Whether your local system becomes corrupted or you inherit another library's collection, OCLC can supply OCLC-MARC records and local data for your holdings through bibliographic record snapshot. You may request a subset of your records within a date range or by specific holding library codes. By order EDX