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Customization options give you more control

FirstSearch puts you in charge with enhanced customization options and features that let you provide the online reference service your users need.

Your collection comes first

FirstSearch helps make the most of the investment you’ve made in collection development by bringing local library or group ownership information to the forefront of search results lists and providing an optional link to local library catalogs.

Decide what users see and how they use it

Turn on or turn off access to databases, online full text, interlibrary loan, or library ownership information; password-protect access to full text and specify whether users print or send it in an e-mail message; monitor search usage, change passwords, and more.

Customize interlibrary loan processing

You control whether users can submit ILL requests; the databases from which requests can be submitted and the method used to process those requests; whether ILL e-mail is available; and various interface and data requirement options on the ILL request form. These include the ability to specify field names, whether fields require input, and the text of notes to patrons.

Use your library’s logo

The FirstSearch interface can prominently feature your library’s or consortium's logo—or both—as well as links to your library’s Web-based catalog.

Choose the default search screen

You choose which level of expertise your patrons will exercise in FirstSearch: Basic, advanced, or expert (command-line searching). Patrons desiring a simpler or more complex search can simply switch to a different mode.

Create your own topic areas

You can create custom topic areas to supplement or replace the OCLC-defined topic areas available when users select databases by topic. Some libraries use this feature to create topic areas similar to the subject categories found in other services familiar to their users.