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Accessions List ™

Web-format reports of new acquisitions

At a glance

  • Alert users to new information in a particular subject area
  • Create interest in what’s new in a collection, department, branch library or unit
  • Prepare administrative reports with accessions lists information

View complete at a glance

The Accessions List service produces lists of your recently cataloged acquisitions in convenient HTML format.

Accessions lists help you inform users of new materials in your library’s collection or prepare administrative reports that reflect the materials your library has purchased in a given time period. You can customize lists with various coverage and sort options.

Customize your lists

You choose the coverage, bibliographic record selection, frequency and sort options that will best suit your library’s needs. Learn more about these options.

Convenient format

HTML files are easy to import into your word processor for additional formatting or to publish on your library’s Web page to share with users.

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