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OCLC’s Metadata Services for Publishers can help you sell more titles by accepting your title metadata in ONIX format, enriching it by mining the WorldCat database, and delivering an enhanced ONIX file ready to use in supply chain systems and marketing communications.

By enhancing your ONIX data, OCLC saves you time and money by streamlining internal workflows, and reducing in-house intellectual work and manipulation of title metadata. We also provide validation, authentication and standardization of your data for use by various partners (vendors, aggregators, booksellers) to increase the marketability of your ONIX title metadata throughout the publisher supply chain.

Additional benefits to publishers include:

  • Application of subject analysis and classification
  • Disambiguation and consistency in author names
  • Application of best practices for bibliographic description
  • Reduction of redundant or extra work for library and retail market metadata needs
  • Improvement of internal business analysis and business intelligence by introducing greater consistency and granularity of metadata
  • Greater efficiency in creating and distributing metadata to supply chain partners

The supplemental title metadata that OCLC provides enhances discoverability and marketability of frontlist and backlist titles through the addition of:

  • Subject terminologies
  • Classification numbers
  • Authority-controlled contributor names
  • Authority-controlled series information
  • Other data elements mined from the WorldCat database

Your enhanced metadata also becomes available to libraries for use in selection, acquisition, and the technical services workflow. Information seekers benefit from Web discovery of this metadata via


The ONIX metadata that OCLC offers helps publishers sell more frontlist and backlist titles. Through WorldCat, it also increases visibility of the titles to libraries and end users. Enhanced metadata:

  • Improves discoverability through the addition of subject analysis, classification numbers, reviews and more
  • Improves efficiency in creating and distributing metadata to supply chain partners
  • Increases the marketability of publishers’ titles through the addition of subject analysis, classification numbers, evaluative content, reviews and more

OCLC Metadata Services for Publishers also saves costs by eliminating the need for processing, including validation, authentication, standardization, and customization of the data for use by various partners (vendors, aggregators, booksellers) in the supply chain.

Our services also:

  • Help eliminate redundancies
  • Help disambiguate author names
  • Give publishers better control over the description and accuracy of the data
  • Create records using processes that promote and ensure enrichment to the metadata over time
  • Improve libraries' acquisitions and purchasing processes for vendor materials
  • Offer enhanced metadata aids in purchasing decisions
  • Offer reviews, classification numbers and subject analysis


The service ingests publisher ONIX title data and enriches it using mining and mapping techniques, and delivers the enhanced ONIX data back to the publishers.

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