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OLIB Hosting

OCLC offers a hosting option for OLIB, meaning we take full control of the running of your system. From our secure hosted environment in Leeds in the UK, experienced professionals can provide either a working day or 24/7 operation of your service. Equipment is accessible only via keycard access to a restricted subset of personnel.

Should assurance be needed, the service can provide a facility for system monitoring for both your application and the network it is running on. And a data backup and restoration service are also available as standard.

The managed service includes the installation of upgrades to the application software as recommended by OCLC. Application development is conducted in the development labs of OCLC. Once new software releases have been fully quality assured, upgrades can be applied via a staging server.

Whether you choose a standard OCLC package or a bespoke design our applications are backed up by an ongoing support service of the highest quality. Each customer has an annual support contract with OCLC to cover ongoing assistance with the day-to-day use of the system.

Our consultants are industry or technical specialists with extensive product knowledge, enabling them to provide application and technical advice you can rely on.

The hosting option offers itself as the right solution for libraries for many reasons.

The hardware environment is designed to meet the loading estimates of the most onerous of applications with significant contingency to spare. The architecture is designed to provide very high additional scalability with low incremental cost.

The architecture provides a high degree of flexibility in the services offered. All system components are standardised and standard operating systems are used.

The deployment architecture provides high resilience to any component failure. Network connections, power supplies and computing services all have redundancy built in.

Disaster recovery planning
A sophisticated data backup facility providing long-term disaster recovery for the most risk averse organisations.

Service level visibility
The overall service level management framework provides for detailed quarterly reporting and reviews.