MEI 25

OCLC Americas Regional Council Meeting and Symposium on "Transformational Literacy"

Held at CLA (Canadian Library Association) Wednesday, May 25, 2011 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Held at CLA (Canadian Library Association)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

OCLC Americas Regional Council Meeting

Resources from the meeting:

  • Video: Welcome from Jennifer Younger,

    President, OCLC Global Council

    Chair, Board of Directors, Catholic Research Resources Alliance

    and Librarian, Hesburgh Libraries, University of Notre Dame [Streaming video, 7 minutes]
  • Video: Greetings from Anne Prestamo,

    ARC Chair and Associate Dean/Collection & Technology Services, Oklahoma State University, University Libraries [Streaming video, 3 minutes]
  • Joseph Hafner, ARC Member-at-Large (McGill University)

Symposium on Transformational Literacy: life stages and libraries, museums and archives

Every day, libraries help people transform their lives. But nowhere is that role more apparent-and important-as when people move from one life stage to another. Join us for a discussion on the need for information and preparation during these vital "between" stages. Whether the move is from high school to college, adult to parent, during a job transition, retirement or any other important life change, the need for information support and literacy is more acute at these times than at any other in our users' lives. The following individuals presented on this topic. Presentations are linked below.

Presentations from this meeting:

  • Panelist: David Pantalony,

    Curator of Physical Sciences and Medicine, Canada Science and Technology Museum; Adjunct Professor, Department of History, University of Ottawa [PDF, 13 slides]
  • OCLC Update: Daniel Boivin, Executive Director, OCLC Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean [PDF, 37 slides]


25 mei 2011


25 mei 2011