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    OCLC WorldShare® Metadata

    A complete metadata management solution for physical, licensed and digital resources

    A complete metadata management solution

    Today’s libraries continually strive to achieve greater efficiencies in their workflows and better visibility for their collections, while affirming their value to users and the larger community. OCLC WorldShare Metadata® helps address these priorities by providing your library with a complete metadata management solution for physical, licensed and digital resources across multiple formats. This set of new applications and services will continue to expand in phases over the next few years. The new functionality supports OCLC's strategy to provide Webscale solutions to the full range of library management needs, including acquisitions, license management, resource sharing and discovery.

    As your collections of electronic and licensed materials grow, your staff face a number of challenges in managing metadata for content that is purchased in collections. They often have to support multiple workflows, manually tracking when data of varying frequencies and quality is available from different sources. Missing updated metadata can result in a user clicking a link, discovering that an item isn't available, becoming discouraged and then disengaging from your library entirely.

    WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager allows you to define and configure your e-book and other electronic collections in one place, and automatically receive initial and updated customized WorldCat MARC records for all e-titles from one source, providing your users access to the titles and content from within the local library catalog or other discovery interface. This improves user satisfaction and ensures that users are less likely to bypass your library's services. Collections can be selected from the global WorldCat knowledge base oryou can create new standard collections defined title by title or new query-based collections based on existing WorldCat indexes.

    The WorldCat knowledge base and WorldCat underpin many OCLC services, including WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager. The knowledge base combines data about e-resource ownership and linking information for access to content. It includes library-, publisher- and OCLC-contributed content from around the world, including e-books, e-journals and open access content. It also brings more timely and accurate access to content from WorldCat Local search results and higher fulfillment rates for libraries that share articles and e-books through WorldCat Resource Sharing. Download the list of content included in the WorldCat knowledge base.

    A new API to add and maintain WorldCat records, holdings information and local bibliographic data

    In June 2013, OCLC introduced the WorldCat Metadata API. Libraries use the Metadata API to conveniently add and enrich WorldCat records and maintain WorldCat holdings information and local bibliographic data from within the tools they already use. The Metadata API can be used to enhance existing systems to streamline workflows and improve system access to library collections in any creative way that can be imagined. In the future, the Metadata API will include capabilities to maintain your local holdings records.

    New record management capabilities now available

    In September 2013, OCLC introduced WorldShare® Metadata Record Manager. This initial release is available to all libraries using WorldShare® Management Services (WMS) and provides an efficient, record-at-a-time metadata management solution to describe one-of-a-kind physical, electronic and digital items. Plus, users can now manage local bibliographic data (LBD). OCLC will continue to enhance Record Manager over the next few years to further streamline metadata management and enhance discoverability of your library's materials.

    WorldShare Metadata works with WMS, alternative cloud-based services, and traditional integrated library systems. For libraries using WorldShare Management Services, WorldShare Metadata can fully integrate these functions in the same staff interface, significantly improving efficiency for “back office” operations.

    “Using the [WorldCat] knowledge base and this new MARC record delivery service for some e-book collections is really a more efficient workflow overall. It provides more thorough and accurate access to e-books in our catalog and discovery tools.”

    Holly Tomren, Head, Metadata Services
    Drexel University Libraries

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