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Whether you want to add holdings to WorldCat for the first time or keep your collection information up to date, OCLC Batchload helps you add large numbers of holdings and records to WorldCat more efficiently. Batchload is a cataloging option that enables you to:

  • Easily make your collection more visible—increasing user access and circulation of materials.
  • Better connect with many other OCLC services including WorldCat Resource Sharing and WorldCat Navigator,, WorldCat Local and WorldCat Collection Analysis.
  • Eliminate backlogs and keep cataloging projects current—including theses, special collections and government documents.
  • Save time and costs—initial batchload is free. Nominal fees are assessed for ongoing processing.

How it works

Batchload is one of the most efficient, cost-effective ways for you to:

  • Initially load your library’s whole collection into WorldCat and bring it up to date through a one-time retrospective project. Optionally, through a reclamation project, you can automatically delete holdings for materials no longer held by your library.
  • Maintain your holdings and add original records in WorldCat through ongoing batchload.
  • Delete holdings—automated removal of your library holdings information saves staff time and costs.
  • Process records for groups of libraries through group batchload, which enables an institution to submit files of consolidated records for all their libraries.

Wij zijn een samenwerkingsverband van bibliotheken over de hele wereld, dat sinds 1967 eigendom is van, bestuurd en onderhouden wordt door onze leden. Ons publieke doel is een toezegging aan elkaar—samen zorgen voor betere toegang tot de informatie in bibliotheken wereldwijd en manieren vinden om de kosten voor bibliotheken te reduceren door middel van samenwerking.