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The University of New Mexico's College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences goes live with WMS

The College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences went live with a new software system on Monday, July 28. OCLC’s WorldShare Management Services (WMS), replaces the Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Millennium software that has been in place in one form or another for more than 25 years. The system will continue to be known as LIBROS to users.

Project Management Librarian Lea Briggs said, “This migration can be likened to a heart/lung transplant for the library, as both the public and staff interfaces will be changing. The public will enjoy access to a more robust pool of information resources and a more inclusive discovery layer, and the staff will soon be able to take advantage of efficiencies afforded by the newly designed and constantly evolving cloud-based environment.”

Update Links Now

The basic search interface at will not change. However, the EDS (EBSCO Discovery Services) discovery layer is changing to the WorldCat Local discovery platform. What this means to users is this is the time to be finding and changing all library-related URLs on web pages, in course environments or in syllabi that include LIBROS or EDS.

The two sites to use going forward are (same as before) or (new discovery layer). Link directly to an individual item using the Permalink, found in the upper right-hand corner of the details after doing a search for that item.

This change will also affect the entire LIBROS Consortium of libraries, which includes UNM branch campus libraries. The Consortium will migrate in waves, with the first libraries able to go live in mid-November. The links will re-direct for a period of time until all the other LIBROS members are live on their systems.

Additional notices will be sent to faculty and staff lists in the coming weeks.


This OCLC News Item is a partial reprint of the article written by Karen Wentworth, Sr. University Communication Representative, The University of New Mexico. Published on the The University's website on 7/22/2014, it was used with permission from the University. The complete story is available at: