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New document-sharing site for resource sharing

OCLC has developed a document-sharing site that provides a single, secure location where lending libraries can place requested PDF and TIFF articles and library users can retrieve articles or book chapters obtained for them via interlibrary loan.

Use of the site integrates easily with interlibrary workflows of libraries that use WorldCat Resource Sharing, ILLiad, WorldCat Navigator, VDX or other resource sharing services. This site adds convenience, security and enhanced copyright compliance to article sharing through interlibrary loan.

Benefits of this site include:

  • Eliminates file size and security issues often encountered when documents are transmitted through email.  PDF and TIFF files of any size – including high resolution PDF documents – can be placed on the site for pick-up by library users.
  • Automatic deletion of files supports compliance with copyright guidelines. Viewed files are deleted after 3 views or within 5 days of being accessed and unviewed files are deleted after 30 days.
  • Minimal local technical support is required because the Web site requires no software download or special arrangements for access through a local firewall.
  • The platform-independent site can be accessed from PCs, MACs or any operating system.

Once a file has been retrieved, it remains available for 5 days. After 5 days, the file will be removed.  A file can be picked up a maximum of five times for each URL/password combination. Files not retrieved remain available for 30 days.