014  Linkage Number (R)

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First Indicator
  Type of Linkage Number 
   0 Holdings record number
  1   Bibliographic record number
Second Indicator
   blank character   Undefined
Subfield Codes
  ‡a     Linkage Number  (NR)
  ‡b   Source of number (NR)
  ‡z     Canceled or invalid linkage number (R)



Control number, assigned by a bibliographic network, of a separate holdings record or its related bibliographic record for which a separate holdings record is made. In separate holdings records distributed by a network, the holdings record control number is carried in field 001 (Control Number) and the control number of the related bibliographic record is carried in field 004 (Control Number for Related Bibliographic Record). An organization receiving the holdings record may transfer the control numbers from fields 001 and 004 to field 014 and place its own holdings record number and related bibliographic record control number in fields 001 and 004. The originating network is identified in subfield ‡b (Source of number).



First Indicator - Type of linkage number

Whether the control number contained in subfield ‡a (Linkage number) or ‡z (Canceled/invalid linkage number) is for a holdings record or for a related bibliographic record.

0 -   Holdings record 

Linkage number is the control number of a separate holdings record.

1 -    Bibliographic record number 

Control number is the control number of the MARC bibliographic record that is related to the separate holdings record.

Second Indicator - Undefined

The second indicator position is undefined and contains a blank ( blank character).

blank character -    Undefined 


‡a -    Linkage number 

Subfield ‡a contains a control number transferred from either field 001 (Control Number) or field 004 (Control Number for Related Bibliographic Record) of a holdings record distributed by a major bibliographic network. The type of control number is identified by the value in the first indicator position.

014  1     8395872 ‡b OCoLC
‡b -    Source of number 

Subfield ‡b contains the MARC organization code for the network whose control number is contained in subfield ‡a or ‡z. See Organization Code Source Codes ( http://www.loc.gov/standards/sourcelist/organization.html) for a listing of organization code sources used in MARC 21 records.

014 1     ‡a1605897 ‡b OCoLC 
‡z -    Canceled or invalid linkage number 

Subfield ‡z contains a canceled or invalid linkage number. Each canceled or invalid linkage number is contained in a separate subfield ‡z.

014  0     0000-49030 ‡z0000-39730 ‡b[Organization code]