ILL Credits

From Keri Cascio:
For ILL we receive ILL lending credits and IFM credits. OCLC has now chosen to keep all credits against future invoices. We would like to get paid out for our IFM activity.

Response: Libraries can receive checks for IFM credit balance activity on a monthly basis (paid after 60 days) for an annual fee of $700 to cover the administrative costs of providing this service. Alternatively, at the end of the fiscal year, OCLC will write a check to the library to cover the IFM credit balance at no charge.

From Keri Cascio:
Then why are you keeping my IFM credits?

Response: There two options for libraries to receive a check for their IFM credits:

  • Payment via check for IFM credit balance activity can be provided monthly; there is a fee for this program to cover the administrative costs of writing the checks. The fee is currently $700 per year. According to OCLC’s Finance Department, payments are made after 60 days; the first payment would be made 60 days after the end of the month you subscribed to the program.
  • Alternatively, libraries can choose to have a check written at the end of the OCLC fiscal year (i.e., after June 30, 2013) for the IFM credit balance due on the account at the end of the fiscal year. This service is provided with no administration fee.

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