For public library professionals: Building Bridges Speaker Series

Building Bridges Speaker Series

Join OCLC, host Chrystie Hill, WebJunction's Director of Community Services, and guest speakers for a series of four free webinars designed to inspire and engage public libraries on topics of vital interest. Each program in the series offers practical advice on issues that are top-of-mind in public libraries.

This series has now concluded. Event recordings are available below.

Watch events in this series

  • Building Bridges #1: Principles of Advocacy Public library professionals know the importance of demonstrating their value to their local communities. Are you looking for inspiration to jump-start your own advocacy efforts? Join us to better understand how ongoing community advocacy supports the vital role your library plays in the community. Speakers included Mary Hirsh, Project Coordinator for PLA and Lynn Slawsky, Program Officer, Turning the Page 2.0, who discussed PLA's Turning the Page program; Janet Sawaya, Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who discussed the foundation's role in funding public library advocacy programs; and Jennifer Pearson, Senior Manager of Advocacy Programs, OCLC, who discussed the Geek the Library community awareness program.
  • Building Bridges #2: Community Outreach This one-hour online session focuses on the importance of building and maintaining strong community partnerships. You'll hear from both a small and a large public library on why they believe these partnerships are integral to their success. Guest speakers Gerry Meek, CEO of the Calgary Public Library in Canada, and Debbie Winlock, Director of the Page Public Library in Arizona give you tips on how you can make this work in your community.
  • Building Bridges #3: Communicating Your Value This one-hour online session focused on how public libraries can effectively work with the community and elected officials to align priorities and gain support. Guest speaker Ron Carlee, the executive-in-residence and director, Strategic Domestic Initiatives for the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), discusses the library’s value to the community and elected officials, how to talk with elected officials to gain their support and how to get to the table for important community discussions. He offers practical advice that you can use in your library.
  • Building Bridges #4: Your Library’s Future Martín Gómez, City Librarian at Los Angeles Public Library, discusses the future of public libraries, answering questions and giving practical advice about the continued success of public libraries in our changing environment.

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