Bibliographies and white papers

OCLC staff, members and partners work together on a wide variety of research activities related to libraries, museums and archives. The results of these efforts are often applicable to the work of library managers, teachers, sudents and other information professionals. We hope that the reports and projects listed below are useful to those looking to learn more about the intersection of library services, technology and culture.


Library Users and Non-Users. OCLC Library.

The OCLC Library has begun a collection of studies on how libraries fit into people's information-seeking behavior. Right now we are concentrating on published books, reports or dissertations, rather than articles, and are generally looking for items that cover more than a single library, though we've made some exceptions if the study is of significant interest.

White papers

Répondre au défi des ressources électroniques

Est-ce possible de centraliser la gestion des ressources sous licence et de maximiser leur visibilité avec une seule chaîne de travail rationalisée? Les études de cas et les constatations du comité consultatif E-Resource Advisory Council exposent divers défis et fournissent les recommandations appropriées. L’objectif? Mettre le matériel électronique à disposition des utilisateurs plus rapidement, peu importe l’endroit où ils entreprennent initialement leurs recherches.
Published: 2013

The Use of Eye-Tracking to Evaluate the Effects of Format, Search Type, and Search Engine on the User's Processing of a Search Results Page. Mike Prasse, Ph.D.

An analysis of user's eye fixations on a Search results page as a function of the search engine used, Search type (Known Item or Discovery), and format of the searched-for item.
Published: February 2011