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Reference searches that meet every need

FirstSearch provides convenient access to reference information at an affordable cost and improves service to your users.

Online search assistance

Context-sensitive online help is always available to help users retrieve relevant information. In most databases, users can also browse indexes to verify correct spelling or format for any search terms, or browse subject headings to find additional terms that may apply to their search.

Flexible search parameters

Basic, advanced, and expert-level search capabilities suit varied user skill levels. Common search features include truncation, wildcards, adjacency and proximity operators, and database-specific thesauri. Cross-database searching lets users retrieve records from up to three databases they select.

Flexible results

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Search results include clear indications of local library ownership information and online full text, as well as links to local holdings or library holdings worldwide. Results can be sorted by date, relevance or other database-specific criteria. Search results can be limited or marked to create a subset. Records, library ownership information, and full text may be exported to bibliographic management software, printed, or sent via e-mail.

Information on demand

FirstSearch is available 24 hours Monday through Saturday, and 20 hours on Sunday.