Latin America and Caribbean

OLIB modules

Base modules

WebView OPAC

Intuitive end-user interface that retrieves results based on natural language searching. Highly configurable and offering a wealth of optional self-service features from self-renew, SDI and request to purchase recommendations and online placing of enquiries.  Also includes flexible export solutions, and enhancement (book jacket) features.

Circulation and Users

Includes full range of circulation functionality plus User Import and off line software.   Multi-site reservation handling and e-messaging.

Acquisitions and Accounts

Provides support for the full order process for all material types including standing orders, looseleafs publications and ‘on approval’ functionality.

Serials Control

A highly flexible solution capable of handling serials published at regular and irregular intervals. Also includes Consolidation Service functionality for those whose suppliers also provide a check-in service.

Reports Pack

Over 100 reports covering all modules. OLIB also includes a wide range of ad hoc report facilities to ensure maximum reporting flexibility.

Enhanced modules

Enquiry Management

A comprehensive enquiry management module for logging, tracking and responding to requests. Calculates time spent and builds FAQ database of responses.

Inter-Library Loans

For those sites wanting to manage ILLs more efficiently, the ILL module caters for both supply and request of ILLs with many automated checking features to reduce time-consuming tasks.

Digital Asset Indexing (DAI)

Offers the ability to index electronic resources alongside traditional library materials.