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Streamline all your circulation tasks and reduce the training effort for volunteers, students and pages.

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Coming soon!

OCLC is introducing Digby, a new mobile app that helps student library workers become more efficient, independent and accurate in their work.

Beginning in August 2017, the app will be available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play for use by WMS libraries in the United States. It will be available to WMS libraries worldwide subsequently.

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Complete circulation tasks on a tablet, laptop or any device with a Web browser

With WorldShare Circulation, your library operations can be performed on any tablet, laptop, smart phone or other device with a Web browser. The portability of these devices means you can more easily complete tasks, such as inventory, because you carry out the tasks in your library's stacks.

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Works with your existing systems and all other WorldShare applications

With WorldShare Circulation, interoperability is included. It supports interaction with self-check machines as well as financial management and student records systems such as Banner.

Your library group can choose from individual, group or a combination of individual and group circulation options

A unique "group aware" model lets you integrate circulation tasks among a group, while allowing for flexibility in circulation and holds policies, access to user records, notification and billing options and collections of payments.

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WorldShare Circulation is available as part of the WorldShare Management Services suite.

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22 August 2017

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