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SCS Monographs Index

These numbers are based on 227 U.S. academic libraries, and 98 million holdings. They include research libraries, state universities, 4-year colleges, and a handful of community colleges.

Collection measure Average value High value Low value
Monographs Count 432,820 3,297,093 13,367
Titles held by 100+ U.S. libraries—same edition 74% 95% 27%
Titles held by 5 or fewer U.S. libraries—any edition 2% 13% 0%
Held in Hathi Trust with In Copyright status 41% 55% 21%
Held in Hathi Trust with Public Domain status 5% 11% 0%
Titles with Zero Recorded Uses 42% 99% 9%
Titles with 1 to 3 Recorded Uses 33% 57% 0%
Titles with 3+ Recorded Uses 25% 75% 0%
Publication year prior to 2005 88% 99% 59%

Updated: July 2017

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Sustainable Collection Services provides tools and services to help manage, share, archive or remove monographs to transform valuable library space. GreenGlass is a purpose-built, interactive application that allows you to explore your print collection.

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