Shared Print Management

OCLC Shared Print Archives Pilot Project

Late in 2010, a Coordinating Committee was established to develop recommendations for how libraries could use WorldCat to register content contributed to shared print archives. The Committee consisted of representatives within and outside of OCLC.

Experts from the library preservation, metadata and standards community were consulted over the course of the 18-month project to ensure that the metadata guidelines and implementation procedures were consistent with community norms.

Eight North American institutions actively engaged in large-scale print activities volunteered to participate in the project as pilot sites. Library participants included the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), the California Digital Library (CDL), Indiana University, Stanford University, the University of California – Los Angeles, the University of California – San Diego, the University of Minnesota and the University of Oregon.

Between January 2010 and March 2012, pilot participants contributed to the development of metadata guidelines, refined a procedure for registering print archive collections in WorldCat, tested record creation and contribution mechanisms, and evaluated the impact of print archive registration on current inter-lending practices.

Goals of the pilot project

Propose and assess the feasibility of a metadata standard for disclosing in the near term the location and status of archived print holdings for journals, using existing bibliographic infrastructure (OCLC and local ILS capabilities). That is, implementation would not require any software development.

Test processes to create individual and batch loaded records for sample titles from multiple print archiving initiatives, e.g., WEST, CIC and CRL.

Evaluate the impact of the proposed metadata standard on resource sharing workflows. The goal is to insure that common borrowing and lending activities can be accommodated.

A secondary goal of the project was to identify ways in which OCLC systems and services could be enhanced through future system development to support shared print requirements in a more effective way.

Outcomes of the project

  • Developed draft metadata standards
  • Created a preservation data dictionary patterned after the existing Preservation and Digitization Action (PDA) term list
  • Produced resource-sharing test scenarios

Participants successfully demonstrated that:

  • the proposed approach of reporting detailed condition statements and preservation commitments in the item level Local Holdings Record (LHR);
  • designating shared print archival collections under new OCLC institution symbols, and;
  • registering these holdings in WorldCat

could be achieved using existing bibliographic infrastructure.