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"WorldShare Management Services has revolutionized our cataloging process. We can now catalog items as we receive them, and that frees up our cataloger for other projects."

Julie Pinnell
Director of Perkins Library, Doane College

In June 2012, Doane College's current ILS contract was due to expire. After reviewing their options, Doane decided to make the move to WorldShare® Management Services (WMS).

"In our library's five-year strategic plan, it called for providing an integrated discovery service for students and a mobile app or mobile capability. We chose WorldShare Management Services because it packaged together all of the things that we were looking for in a really affordable way," said Julie Pinnell, Director of Perkins Library at Doane College.

What were the results? Students were pleased with the discovery service built into WMS and, according to Julie, "They frequently tell us how much they love it and how easy it is to use." And once faculty heard that students liked the service, they requested more in-class information literacy instruction—twice as much as the year before!

For library staff, ease of use and workflow improvements have resulted in real time savings. For example, integration of the WorldCat® knowledge base allows staff to add e-books very easily. As one staff member said, "There is an 'on/off' switch in the knowledge base, and you just find the title and turn it on."

"OCLC customer service overall has been just terrific. I cannot give them high enough praise for all of the things that they did to make our lives easier during the migration. The training we had during implementation was wonderful, and there were many different types of training resources."

In short, as a member of Doane's cataloging staff said, “The main thing is that cataloging is so much easier in WorldShare Management Services.” Julie added, "My staff did not like our old ILS's acquisitions module and had refused to use it. Now, with WorldShare Acquisitions, it is much easier to track everything because all of our acquisitions records are in one place. It has been revolutionary for us."

The results of WMS go beyond functionality, though. "We have a wonderful archive and special collections," Julie told us. "But we did not have any staff available to work with them. Since we implemented WorldShare Management Services, our cataloger now has time to work with our archive—something I considered to be an undiscovered treasure."

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  • A small liberal arts college with three campuses
  • The main campus is located in Crete, Nebraska
  • Enrollment is about 2,400 students

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