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OCLC Abstracts

A weekly e-publication that provides news about OCLC services, programs and research, along with a story that highlights the latest developments in the technology, economic or social landscapes.


CONTENTdm Update

A quarterly e-newsletter update providing news about OCLC digital collection services, featured collections, support, training and events about CONTENTdm. 


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Partner Update

The quarterly e-newsletter for OCLC partner news and resources.

Member Offers & Updates

Receive information about exciting new services, features, events and offers as it becomes available. Please indicate your areas of interest to allow us to better serve your information needs.

OCLC Training Updates

This email list provides you with up-to-date information about training on OCLC products and services, delivered by OCLC and our training partners. Sign up to receive current information about available training and schedules, as well as other useful learning content to help you use your OCLC services more effectively.

Regional updates

Americas Member Update

Americas Member Update emails are sent to members and participants throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean. By subscribing to this list, you’ll receive notifications about Americas Regional Council meetings, Global Council elections, as well as cooperative-wide initiatives, news and events.

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Product and service support

Keep up with the latest tips, news, issues and service updates for your OCLC services.

Product and service support updates and discussion lists are currently available as Internet List (LISTSERV®) subscriptions.