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OCLC-Canada: A forum for OCLC Canada libraries to ask questions, share information, pass along advice and exchange ideas.

OCLC-MEXICO-L is a conversational listserv. We invite all OCLC members throughout Mexico to participate. OCLC staff members will help moderate the list and answer any questions related to OCLC products and services.

Cataloging & metadata

OCLC-CAT: A discussion forum for library staff using or considering any OCLC cataloging and metadata services.

OCLC-CJK: OCLC CJK Users Group discussion list.


OCLC-FIRSTSEARCH-L: FirstSearch announcements, information, and documentation.

SCIPIO-L: SCIPIO-L is a discussion forum for all topics related to the SCIPIO Art & Rare Book Sales Catalogues database.

Library management

OCLC-ANALYTICS-L: Discussion list for users of OCLC Collection Evaluation.

Electronic Collection Management

KB-L: A place for community discussion of the WorldCat knowledge base and electronic resources

Resource Sharing

ILL-L: A discussion forum for all topics related to resource sharing among libraries.

OCLC-SHARING-L: Announcements, changes and enhancements to OCLC resource sharing services.

General topics

WC-DEVNET-L: OCLC Developer Network discussion list. Includes WorldCat Web services and tools.