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Featured Collections

Sisters potato picking

Saint Benedict's Monastery Archives

College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University

The archivists at the St. Benedict's Monastery, home of the Sisters of the Order of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota, USA, document the history and mission of this Catholic order with more than 4,000 artifacts dating to 1857.


Italian Pamphlet Collection

Fordham University

This collection of approximately 1,600 short printed pamphlets was published in Italy, largely from 1815 – 1880, and markings on several of the items appear to link the collection with Cardinal Carlo Luigi Morichini (1805 – 1879) as a former owner. The pamphlets reflect the Catholic Church's outlook on and response to the sweeping changes occurring in 19th century Italy, a period that witnessed the national unification of the Italian peninsula and the corresponding secularization of civil, political, and educational institutions. During the unification, sometimes referred to as the Risorgimento or "rebirth," the church lost political and administrative control over the Papal States, much of its wealth in land holdings throughout the peninsula, and a large portion of its control and influence over political and educational institutions, being thus relegated to a largely spiritual role. The pamphlets also reflect Morichini's interest in various types of charitable institutions, especially hospitals, prisons, schools, and savings and loan organizations founded for the benefit of the poor. The bulk of the pamphlets were published in the former territory of the Papal States and the Papal Legations, where Morichini was active.


The Art Muscle collection

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Art Muscle Magazine (1986 – 1996) was a bimonthly art publication located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Initiated by writer, art historian, and curator Debra Brehmer while she was in graduate school at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, the first issue was published in September 1986. Taking a democratic approach to the arts, it covered a range of activities from visual art to theatre, dance, music, architecture, and vernacular concerns. Art Muscle's circulation was 20,000.

Past featured collections

Safety Harbor Photo Collection

Safety Harbor Photo Collection

Safety Harbor Public Library

This collection contains various photographs that relate to Safety Harbor history from the early 1900s to the 1980s.

Whitaker Postcard Collection

Whitaker Postcard Collection

Daviess County Public Library

The Whitaker Postcard Collection consists of a number of early 1900s postcards sent to the Whitaker family in Livia, Kentucky, US. Most of the cards are addressed to Miss Katharyn Whitaker (1893–1976). The postcards depict various topics such as cities, landscapes, art, holidays, and family. They were donated along with letters, a diary, and genealogy research from the estate of Mrs. Katharyn Leachman (Whitaker).

Sexuality and University Archives Together Collection

Intersections- Sexuality and University Archives Together Collection

Widener University

The Sexuality Archives of Widener University was founded in 2009 by Librarian Molly Wolf. This collection celebrates the intersections of the digital collections of both the Widener University Archives and the Sexuality Archives around the issues of gender, sexuality, feminism, and LGBTQ rights, among others. The collection includes images, pamphlets, and books. Materials are presented in chronological order to show how Widener and its predecessor institutions served as a reflection of the evolution of thought on these issues.

Burgert Brothers Photographic Collection

Burgert Brothers Photographic Collection

Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative

Nearly 15,000 images in the Burgert Brothers Photographic Collection chronicle the history of the Tampa Bay area as it faced wars, natural disasters, and economic booms and busts. The images offer a view of a community at work, from cigar factories, sponge docks, and strawberry fields, to grocery stores, service stations, and bank lobbies. Many of the photographs also depict a community at leisure, enjoying a day at the beach, participating in local celebrations, attending the Florida State Fair or playing favorite games such as golf, tennis, shuffleboard, or checkers.

Artists and Their Works

Artists and Their Works

American Craft Council

This collection of materials on artists and their works includes: 

Your Portable Museum, a collection that includes digital scans of more than 3,500 slides of objects made by craftspeople during the 1950s – 1980s that were made available by ACC for purchase or loan. These items were digitized with the assistance of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). Read more about Your Portable Museum

Materials documenting the biennial ACC Awards Program, including the ACC College of Fellows, the Gold Medal for Consummate Craftsmanship, the Award of Distinction, and the Aileen Osborn Webb Award for Philanthropy.

A Measure of the Earth: An Oral History of the Potters of the St. Croix River Valley, Minnesota, a collection of oral history interviews with ceramic artists living and working in Minnesota’s St. Croix River Valley. The participating potters are among a group who annually hosts the St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour, a nationally recognized event that attracts thousands of visitors from throughout the US. Funding for this project was provided through a Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage Grant.

Legislatively Mandated Reports

Legislatively Mandated Reports

Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau

This collection contains reports that the Wisconsin Statutes mandate state agencies provide to the legislature on the progress, status, or results of a specific program or initiative. You can browse the following areas in this collection: Bradley Center Finances, substance abuse services, University of Wisconsin system reports, education, children, environment, long-term care, prisons and crime, rural and underserved medicine, and elections and voting.

Fort Collins History Connection

Fort Collins History Connection’s Old Town and Disneyland’s Main Street USA

Fort Collins History Connection

Richard Francaviglia, author of the 1996 book Main Street Revisited: Time, Space, and Image Building in Small-Town America, visited the Walt Disney Archives in 1994 to conduct research for his book and was surprised to learn that Harper Goff, a former resident of Fort Collins, had used Fort Collins and Walt Disney's hometown, Marceline, Missouri, as inspiration and models for Disneyland's Main Street USA. Mr. Francaviglia decided he would visit these towns and view some of the extant buildings that were copied for Disneyland. The basic information that he used for his research in Fort Collins was an interview with Harper Goff that was published in The 'E' Ticket: Collecting Theme Park Memories, Winter 1992–93.

The National Fairground and Circus Archive collection

The National Fairground and Circus Archive collection

The University of Sheffield

Established in 1994, the National Fairground & Circus Archive is a collection of recognized importance. Housed in the Western Bank Library, it is a unique collection of photographic, printed, manuscript and audiovisual material covering all aspects of the culture of traveling show people, their organization as a community, their social history and everyday life, and the artifacts and machinery of fairgrounds.

A Vision for the New Josephinum (1924–1931) collection

A Vision for the New Josephinum (1924–1931) collection

Pontifical College Josephinum

This collection includes documents and photographs related to the vision, planning and construction of the Pontifical College Josephinum. A vision for the future of the Josephinum began to take shape in the early 1900s. The growth of the community and physical limitations of the property at 18th and Main Streets in downtown Columbus, Ohio, made relocation a desirable option. A rebuilding fund was established in 1911 but it would not be until 1924 when the 120-acre Duffy Farm located on North High Street was purchased for the site of the new Josephinum. A ceremonial groundbreaking took place on June 5, 1929, followed by the blessing of the cornerstone on October 20, 1929. The construction continued until the new facility was dedicated on November 26, 1931.

Rider Campus Life Photograph Collection

Rider Campus Life Photograph Collection

Rider University

This collection contains photographs depicting student life at Rider on both the original Trenton and current Lawrenceville campuses. Homecoming festivities, dances, dorm and classroom scenes, and student organizations are all represented. The photographs offer a glimpse into the Rider student experience over the decades.

Frank Lloyd Wright and the Marin County Civic Center collection

Frank Lloyd Wright and the Marin County Civic Center collection

Marin County Free Library 

This collection of images documents the construction of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Civic Center, based on slide collections of Harold Stockstad and Davina Kosh. Stockstad was chairman of the Marin Council for Civic Affairs, who garnered support for Wright’s design for the Civic Center campus. Stockstad presented his slide show to citizens throughout Marin and was instrumental in ending the work stoppage ordered by Supervisor Fusselman in January 1961. Davina Kosh, a poet and long-time San Rafael resident, photographed the Hall of Justice under construction while working for the Marin County Veterans Service Office.

Chattanooga Postcards and Viewbooks

Chattanooga Postcards and Viewbooks

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

The Chattanooga Postcards and Viewbooks digital collection features souvenir postcards and books dating to the early 20th century. The collection depicts points of interest in and around Chattanooga, Tennessee, including Lookout Mountain, Chickamauga and downtown. Explore the history of tourism in Chattanooga through the historic images captured in viewbooks and postcards in this digital collection.

A description from this collection: From Point Lookout, at its northern extremity, there lies below a scene which no section of the United States can excel; indeed, it is doubtful if it can be equaled in America. The faint blue outlines of the Cumberland Mountains lie off to the northwest, between them and Lookout stretching the lower peaks of the Sand and Raccoon Mountains. Walden's Ridge, Cameron Hill, and Sherman Heights continue the line to the east, where Missionary Ridge, backed by the Great Smokies, unites to form the eastern circumference of the vast semicircle revealed at this spot. In the foreground wind the silvery waters of the Tennessee, whose picturesque convolutions describe here a remarkable curve, known as Moccasin Bend. Through the parks and woodlands countless driveways and foot-paths branch in every direction, leading one to scenes of exquisite beauty, and the visitor finds it difficult to choose a favorite walk where all are so charming and full of historic interest.

Ohio Transportation Collection

Ohio Transportation Collection

Columbus Metropolitan Library

The Ohio Transportation Collection is a collection with hundreds of images of Ohio streetcars, interurban railcars, trains and canal boats. This is an invaluable source of information for understanding the growth of Ohio, and understanding the vast network of transportation that formerly served the state.

Strobridge Lithographing Company Circus & Theater PostersJosé Guadalupe Posada Collection

Strobridge Lithographing Company Circus & Theater Posters

The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

This collection features circus and theater posters created by Cincinnati’s Strobridge Lithographing Company, and printed in the 1890s through the mid-1920s.

St. John Photograph Collection

St. John Photograph Collection

Missouri State University

This collection contains images likely created by Mary (Garrison) St. John, a photographer from Ozark, Missouri, in the first decade of the 20th century. In 1909, she married James D. St. John and moved with him to Corvallis, Montana, where she died in 1963. Most of the images have relatively little accompanying information. If you can identify anything about these images, please contact the MSU Archives. The original collection of glass plate negatives, owned by the Christian County Historical Society, was digitized by Missouri State University.

José Guadalupe Posada Collection

José Guadalupe Posada Collection

University of Texas at Austin – Harry Ransom Center

Often referred to as “Printmaker of the Mexican People,” José Guadalupe Posada (1851–1913) is considered a leading contributor to Latin America’s grand satirical print tradition. He is best known today on both sides of the Mexican-American border for his Calaveras, the costumed skeletons portraying politicians, heroes and common people that often go into circulation during Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. Posada’s broadsides, featuring folktales or corridos that were often put to music, are called upon by scholars and students studying Mexico’s social and cultural climate prior to and during a decade of revolution (1910–1920).

The José Guadalupe Posada collection consists of 132 broadsides and single sheets of corridos and other songs, all drawn from the Edward Laroque Tinker collection. Many of the satirical broadsides were published by Antonio Vanegas Arroyo who, along with Posada, satirized bourgeois society during the reign of Mexican President Porfirio Díaz’s dictatorship. Echoing the traditions of the nineteenth century “Penny Press” that were hawked on street corners, Vanegas Arroyo’s tabloid-style publications were the perfect venue for Posada’s creative if not macabre imagery illustrating crimes of passion, tragedies, heroic adventures and daily gossip. Hundreds of Posada’s images were published in a variety of colors on inexpensive paper; consequently, few survive today due to their highly ephemeral nature.

This image is courtesy of the Harry Ransom Center.

World of Speed Collection

World of Speed Collection

World of Speed Motorsports Museum

World of Speed is an educational motorsports museum, where historic race cars, boats and motorcycles tell the story of America’s motorsports alongside interpretive collection-based exhibits focused on the culture, technology and history of racing. Together, they encompass many aspects and types of motorsports, the blending of cars and music over the decades, the personalities of NASCAR, over a century of land speed records, the evolution of motorcycle road racing and the rise of the part shop as a social hub.

This collection provides a view into the rich history of motorsports through digital videos, photos, race programs, books, publications, scrapbooks, papers, art, tools, race gear and more. Much of this collection’s content comes from the rich racing history of the Pacific Northwest, including local tracks like Woodburn Dragstrip, Jantzen Beach and Portland International Raceway. The collection also highlights local racing luminaries such as legendary Indy race car builder Rolla Vollstedt and driver Art Pollard.

Alabama Civil War and Reconstruction Newspapers

Alabama Civil War and Reconstruction Newspapers

Alabama Department of Archives and History

In honor of the Civil War and Reconstruction sesquicentennials, the Alabama Department of Archives and History undertook a project to make all of its newspapers from that era available online. These issues have been digitized from microfilm. The quality varies greatly, depending on the condition of the original paper and the film; therefore, some portions of the text may be illegible or difficult to read.

Digital Fridge—Children’s Art From Cleveland

Digital Fridge—Children’s Art From Cleveland

Cleveland Public Library

The Digital Fridge is a place where Cleveland Public Library curates and shares child-created art made by children from Cleveland and northeast Ohio. It is a gallery that allows for young and old alike to celebrate the child’s-eye view of the world.

Jack London Photographs and Negatives

Jack London Photographs and Negatives

Huntington Digital Library

The Huntington Library’s Jack London Collection forms the largest archive of his papers in the world, encompassing more than 50,000 items. The collection includes drafts of his writings, correspondence, ephemera (booklets, brochures, an extensive array of news clippings about him and more), plus most of the volumes of his own personal library, many containing his annotations. The 12,000 photographs available in the Huntington Digital Library, which date from 1902 to about 1955 (mostly between 1902 and 1916, the year London died), are pulled from this extensive archive. Most of the photographs were taken by London himself and document the poor in the City of London in 1902, the Russo-Japanese War of 1904, the aftermath of the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906, London’s 18-month cruise through the South Pacific and South Seas in 1907–1908, a shipboard journey around Cape Horn in 1912, the Mexican revolution in 1913 and London’s ranch in the Sonoma Valley, where he used ecological principles of farming that were far ahead of his time.

World War II Veteran's Oral History Collection

World War II Veteran's Oral History Collection

National Museum of The Pacific War

This oral history program captures the stories of the battlefield and the homefront. Since the program began in 1988, dedicated volunteer oral historians have interviewed over 4,100 veterans.

University on the Square: Documenting Egypt’s 21st Century Revolution

University on the Square: Documenting Egypt’s 21st Century Revolution

The American University in Cairo

The University on the Square: Documenting Egypt’s 21st Century Revolution digital collection features oral histories, photographs, video recordings and visual art that document the January 25th Revolution. The digital collection preserves the history of the 18 Days in Egypt and beyond by collecting content from activists, participants and observers from the American University in Cairo as well as members of the larger Egyptian and global communities.

Thomas Johnson Letters

Thomas Johnson Letters

Frederick County Public Libraries

This collection consists of letters and various manuscripts relating to Thomas Johnson (1732–1819), the first elected governor of Maryland. Most of the items are correspondence to Johnson from a variety of sources, including letters from George Washington, Daniel Carroll, John Jay and others. The collection also includes the commission of Governor Johnson as one of the Justices of the United States Supreme Court.

Honoring Our Heritage – Flint’s Arab American Community

Honoring Our Heritage – Flint’s Arab American Community

Arab American National Museum

Honoring Our Heritage: The Co-Created Histories of Flint's Arab American Community is a collaborative effort between the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, USA, and the Arab American Heritage Center in Flint, Michigan, to preserve the stories of Flint’s Arab American community. Funded by a grant from the Ruth Mott FoundationHonoring Our Heritage worked with 20 Arab American families in the Flint community to record a short story about each family and to digitize family photographs. The audio and photographs were combined to create “digital scrapbooks” for each family.

ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives

ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives

USC Libraries

ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives is the oldest active Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning (LGBTQ) organization in the United States and the largest repository of LGBTQ materials in the world. Founded in 1952, ONE Archives currently houses more than 2 million archival items, including periodicals, books, film, video and audio recordings, photographs, artworks, organizational records and personal papers.

The Jewish Transcript

Jewish Transcript

Seattle Public Library

Founded by Herman Horowitz in 1924, The Jewish Transcript documents the daily life of the Jewish community in Seattle as well as local and international events from the 1920s to the present day. Articles cover topics such as bar mitzvah and marriage announcements, community gatherings, World War II and the settlement of Israel.

Latino Americans – 500 Years of History

Latino Americans – 500 Years of History

Fort Worth Library

Latino Americans: 500 Years of History, is a public programming initiative funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the American Library Association. Part of the project was to generate awareness and preserve the history of Latino Americans in Fort Worth. To support this goal, students from Texas Christian University’s Civil Rights in Black and Brown project interviewed 42 participants for their project and for the Mujeres Poderosas (Strong Women) portion of the Latino Americans: 500 Years of History. Some of the participants donated materials to the Fort Worth Library Archives and others allowed the library to digitize the items. These materials, along with existing archival collections of Latino Americans, form the Latino American Archives. The Latino American Archives document the stories of how individuals and organizations contributed to the Latino American, and other, communities of Fort Worth.

Pepperdine's Rose Parade Photo Album

The African American Experience in Las Vegas

UNLV University Libraries

This large-scale, LSTA grant-funded portal features about 600 photographs, oral history interviews with full transcripts, manuscripts and more documenting the history and contributions of Las Vegas’ African American community. The portal provides online user access to digitized UNLV Special Collections holding from the Oral History Research Center and Photograph collections, links to partner digital collections/websites and information about the collaborative project.

Pepperdine's Rose Parade Photo Album

Civil Rights Collection

Memphis and Shelby County Room

The Civil Rights Collection is a compilation of materials from numerous sources, including the following manuscript collections: Frank Holloman Collection, George W. Lee Collection (speeches and documents), A.W. Willis, Jr. Collection, Arthur L. Webb Collection and the Catholic Human Relations Council Paper.

Pepperdine's Rose Parade Photo Album

N.A.A.C.P., Philadelphia Branch Photographs

Temple University Libraries

This digital collection contains photographs digitized from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Philadelphia Branch Records, an archival collection held by the Special Collections Research Center. The Philadelphia Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People institutes and supports legal and other actions in the fields of civil rights, discrimination, education, housing, employment and law enforcement. This collection consists of correspondence, minutes, case records, reports, membership files, clippings, photographs, plaques and awards, audio tapes and other records from the executive secretary and field secretary, as well as from the North Philadelphia Action Branch and the West Philadelphia Branch.

Pepperdine's Rose Parade Photo Album

Pepperdine's Rose Parade Photo Album

Pepperdine University

As a part of Pepperdine University’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 1987, the university entered a float into the 98th Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. The theme of the float was “The Quest for Atlantis,” a classical theme reflecting Pepperdine’s quest for academic excellence. This collection is based on a selection of photographs, both formal and candid, digitized from a photo album provided by Hung Le, one of the eight students chosen to ride on the float as representatives of Pepperdine. Each photo tells a piece of Pepperdine's Rose Parade story, from the genesis of the idea, to the hours of float decorating, to the parade itself. Based on an oral history with Hung Le, now Associate Vice President and University Registrar at Pepperdine, it’s a story about the university coming together as a community to celebrate a milestone. This collection also offers a fascinating look behind the scenes at the Rose Parade, an annual 2-hour event that requires months of planning and preparations.

Holidays in Wyong

Holidays in Wyong

Tuggerah Library, Central Coast Council Library Services, Wyong Shire Council Australia   

Wyong Shire has long been a popular vacation destination. The brochures in this collection reflect the popular activities and accommodations at various times from 1905 to 1975. Original documents are available for viewing in the Local Studies Collection at Tuggerah Library. Wyong Shire is located on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

The Rocking Gazette

The Rocking P Gazette

University of Calgary, Alberta Canada

The Rocking P Gazette newspaper was the creation of two young girls, ages 12 and 14, who lived on their family's ranch in the foothills of southern Alberta, Canada, in 1923. Dorothy Margaret Macleay and her younger sister, Gertrude Maxine, produced the paper, edited it, acted as its principal reporters, wrote many of its articles and stories, and sketched and painted nearly all of its art. While these two young ladies generated the 17 monthly editions of the paper, they also attended school and regularly contributed their energy to their family’s Rocking P and Bar S ranches, which their father, Roderick Riddle Macleay, and mother, Laura Margaret Macleay (née Sturtevant), were industriously attempting to put on a sound financial foundation through the Second World War.

Pender County Historical Photographs  Pender County Public Library  This collection was created to preserve historic images relating to people, places and life in Pender County from the past. The collection is built through donations of originals and copies from organizations or individuals who desire to share and preserve the visual history of Pender County, North Carolina.

Pender County Historical Photographs

Pender County Public Library

This collection was created to preserve historic images relating to people, places and life in Pender County from the past. The collection is built through donations of originals and copies from organizations or individuals who desire to share and preserve the visual history of Pender County, North Carolina.

Native American language materials

Native American Language Materials

University of St. Thomas 

English and Dakota service book being parts of the Book of Common Prayer set forth for use in the missionary jurisdiction of Niobrara. Contains selections from the Book of Common Prayer and liturgical rites of the Episcopal Church. Dakota translation by Hinman and Cook, with English on opposite pages, numbered in duplicate. Date of original, 1875.The collection includes early texts published in Native American languages consisting of traditional religious material translated by frontier missionaries.

Robert F. Kennedy Visits Indianapolis May 4, 1968

Robert F. Kennedy Visits Indianapolis 4 May 1968

Indiana Historical Society

Senator Robert F. Kennedy declared his candidacy for president on 16 March 1968. In April and early May, he made many campaign stops in Indiana. On 4 May, he visited several Indianapolis neighborhoods, including one at 21st and Harding streets depicted in these photos taken by Katherine “Katie” Palmer. This visit was exactly midway between the dates of two tragic events: On 4 April, Kennedy spoke to an Indianapolis crowd that had just learned of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Kennedy was killed a month later on 5 June.

Swarthmore College Peace Collection


Japanese Lantern Slides from the E. Raymond Wilson Collection 

Swarthmore College Peace Collection

The lantern slides in this collection were gathered by E. Raymond Wilson while he was in Japan from Sept. 1926 to Sept. 1927, having been awarded the Japanese Brotherhood Scholarship for study and the building of friendships. Wilson's fascination with the people and places of Japan led to detailed letters home to America, in which he included observations about his trips around the country and to Formosa. The 257 lantern slides that he brought back with him reflect his interests, having to do with beautiful sites and scenery, daily life, agricultural practices, schools and universities, and the tribes of Formosa. Most of the slides were created by professional photographers (including T. Takagi and Futaba) and were hand-tinted by artists; a few of the slides were made from photographs taken by Wilson himself.

Charles Templeton Sheet Music Collection

Charles Templeton Sheet Music Collection

Mississippi State University Libraries 

The sheet music collection is part of a larger collection amassed by Charles Templeton, Sr. which also includes music players and recordings. (Available as part of the Instrument Collection). Digitization of the collection is part of an ongoing effort to provide broader access to titles. A large portion of these pieces are in the public domain (not copyrighted) and are available for download directly from the site. Some restricted titles are available upon request. Templeton noted a correlation between contemporary music and the cultural, economic, and political shifts experienced in the United States. He stated, "This is one of the few collections, if not the only one, which carries through all of those changes. You started out with blues and then ragtime evolved from that, and then the Dixieland sound emerged and the big band, and from that came the forerunner of modern jazz. And the interesting part of it is that as this music evolved it progressed up the Mississippi River. Where's a better place to house this collection of music than here?"

The Jewish Times, Boston, Massachusetts

The Jewish Times, Boston, Massachusetts

The Jewish Heritage Center at New England Historic Genealogical Society

The Jewish Times (alternate titles: Boston Jewish Times, The Jewish Weekly Times) was a weekly paper that ran from 1945 to 1992. It covered much of the same ground as The Jewish Advocate but is another perspective on events impacting the Jewish community. It is also a rich source of information for genealogists.

Frederick and Kazuko Harris Library Collection

Frederick and Kazuko Harris Library Collection

Ohio University

The Frederick and Kazuko Harris Library Collection is composed of artwork created and collected by Frederick Harris (FH) along with items from his art studio. The digitized collection represents art collected and created over the span of 40 years. The OhioLINK Finding Aid Repository provides a complete finding aid.

This collection has been organized into two series: Collected Works and Created Works. Collected Works includes three subseries: Objects, Prints and Sketchbooks and Scrolls. This series also includes mostly porcelain, stoneware and earthenware vessels; statuettes and figurines from many countries throughout Asia; prints; and inksticks. The Created Works series includes all of FH's sketchbooks, and a large number of his finished sumi-e and watercolor paintings. Some items from the collection are not shown online due to copyright.

Oliver Caswell King and Katherine Rutledge King Papers Collection

Oliver Caswell King and Katherine Rutledge King Papers Collection

Tennessee State Library and Archives

The Oliver Caswell King and Katherine Rebecca Rutledge King Papers, 1856–1893 is a roughly 200-item collection that documents the courtship, marriage and social lives of a Sullivan County, Tennessee, couple before, during and after the Civil War. The correspondence charts the couple’s friendship from student days—Oliver at Emory and Henry College, and Tusculum College in Greeneville, Tennessee; and Katherine at the Masonic Female Institute in Blountville—through Oliver’s recovery from a battle wound. The correspondence is notable because it charts the couple’s transition to Confederate patriotism in a region that overwhelmingly supported the Union.

Documents include personal correspondence, political essays, history themes, unpublished editorials, original poetry, addressed envelopes, a greeting card and a memorial death card. Numerous postal covers bear Confederate States of America postage stamps. For more detailed information about the Oliver Caswell King and Katherine Rebecca Rutledge King Collection and about their lives and times, see the resource guide for this collection.


World War I Centennial Commission

Pritzker Military Museum & Library and the Illinois State Library

The First World War is considered to be the most musical of all of America’s wars. This exhibit used optical musical recognition software to digitize the World War I sheet music in the collection of the Pritzker Military Museum & Library and added it as playable .mp3, MIDI and AIFF files.

Catich Digital Collection

Catich Digital Collection

St. Ambrose University

The Catich Collection provides digital access to the artwork of Father Edward Catich (1906–1979). Father Catich, one of the world's finest calligraphers, was known as an international authority on stone incising, typography and stained glass fabrication, and as the foremost authority on the Roman alphabet, its origin, nature and history.

St. Ambrose houses the world's largest collection of Father Catich's work. After his death, he left a large portion of his collection to John Schmits, professor of art at St. Ambrose University, who in turn donated these works to the university to start the Catich Gallery. The university owns an estimated 5,000 Catich works, ranging from sketchbooks and small drawings to major pieces of art—primarily watercolors, ink drawings and slates.

Portraits of Actors, 1720-1920

Portraits of Actors, 1720–1920

University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign

Portraits of Actors, 1720–1920, includes almost 3,500 pictures of actors’ studio portraits and actors posing in costume for a particular role or performing a scene from a play. Dramatists, theatrical managers, singers and musicians are also included, but the majority are British and American actors who worked between 1770 and 1893. Among the hundreds of actors included are: Sarah Siddons, Edmund Kean, John Philip Kemble, Edwin Booth, Edwin Forrest, William Henry West Betty, Charles Mathews, Dorothy Jordan, Frances Abington and Ada Rehan. The images were digitized from etchings, engravings, lithographs, mezzotints, aquatints, wood engravings, photographs and photomechanically reproduced prints, all from the University of Illinois Theatrical Print Collection.

The Edward Stuhl Collection Wildflowers

The Edward Stuhl Collection Wildflowers

California State University Chico

As a young man, Edward Stuhl spent his time hiking and climbing in the Austrian Alps. His formal art education, blended with his love of nature, is evident in his sensitive and accurate wildflower paintings. Stuhl’s artistic talent wonderfully preserves the beauty of the wildflowers of Mount Shasta and other regions of California. A prolific painter, Stuhl created a legacy of more than 400 exquisite watercolor paintings.

Stuhl climbed his first California mountain in 1912. In the next 70 years, he went on to climb every mountain peak in California, Oregon and Washington, and kept a precise journal of each climb. Stuhl had a strong attachment to Mount Shasta. He climbed it successfully 22 times. Upon first seeing the mountain Stuhl's journal reveals, ”I had not seen a real mountain for years, and such a mountain…awed and spellbound, I settled on a rock…and let the knapsack slip from my shoulder to the ground. I rested and looked and wondered…old dreams and new longings arose, the love for the mountain of a stray mountaineer, the restless impulse for adventure and conquest—and conquer I will this mountain.”


Rare Books and Manuscripts Collections

University of Southern California

This collection contains complete and partial reproductions of books and manuscripts, principally from the Special Collections of the USC Libraries. The subject areas covered include fine arts, geography, history, language and literature, music and performing arts, philosophy and religion, and science.

The William Hone Collection

The William Hone Collection

Adelphi University

The William Hone Collection at Adelphi University Libraries in Garden City, New York, was acquired in 1993 through a gift from The Friends of Adelphi University Library, Inc., and a bequest from the Helene and Josephine Lewinsohn Estate. William Hone (1780–1842) was a popular and influential political satirist, pamphleteer, publisher and bookseller in early nineteenth century London. He was deeply committed to radical political reform, to the extent that three of his pamphlets brought a government prosecution against him. Hone proved his innocence and emerged a public hero and champion of freedom of the press.      


Postcard Collections

New Hanover County Public Library

The New Hanover County Digital Archives provides access to collections that tell the history of southeastern North Carolina. Much of this history has been handed down through several former public and private libraries dating back to the Cape Fear Library that was established in 1760. Although emphasis has been placed on collecting information about Wilmington, New Hanover County, North Carolina and the Lower Cape Fear Region, the collection includes materials from across the state. Photographs and manuscripts from the archives at the New Hanover County Public Library are featured. The collection also includes postcards, maps, "Wilmington StarNews" articles, various letters and pamphlets from family collections, covering the 19th and 20th centuries.

Allied Posters of World War 1

Allied Posters of World War 1  

Temple University

This collection of more than 1,500 World War I posters in Temple University Libraries’ Special Collections Research Center was donated by George F. Tyler in 1937. The posters provide a graphic portrayal of Allied propaganda used to educate the public and enlist support for the war effort. In addition, they serve as examples of the art, design and printing techniques of the period. An exhibition of a selection of the posters is accompanied by primary source material and commentary that is intended to provide additional context, insight and interpretation.

image: Courtesy of the Sherlock Holmes and Sherlockiana Collection

Sherlock Holmes and Sherlockiana Collection

University of Texas at Austin – Harry Ransom Center 

The Sherlock Holmes and Sherlockiana digital collection draws upon the Arthur Conan Doyle papers and the Ellery Queen collection to present a selection of manuscripts (including Doyle’s handwritten drafts of “A Scandal in Bohemia” and “The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez”), rare publications (including the first issue of “A Study in Scarlet” and an early Dutch pastiche by Cornelis Veth), and original artwork (including two drawings by Sidney Paget).

Image courtesy of the Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin.

Washington Rural Heritage - Reef Net Oral History Collection

Washington Rural Heritage – Reef Net Oral History Collection

Washington State Library

Washington Rural Heritage is a collaborative digitization program headquartered at the Washington State Library. The project brings together unique local history materials from libraries, museums and the private collections of citizens across Washington State. Late 19th Century settlers of Lummi Island, Washington, USA, adopted a unique salmon fishing technique developed by Coast Salish tribes of the Puget Sound; known as “reef netting,” the fishery is still active today. Hear reef net fishermen reminisce about everything from the evolution of reef-netting techniques, to record catches, to legal battles surrounding the reef net industry.

A Seaman's Diary of World War I

A Seaman's Diary of World War I

Illinois State University

Sverre O. Braathen was born in 1895 in the prairie state of North Dakota. He grew up in the Red River Valley of the north, a place far removed from any major body of water. Ironically, he served in the U.S. Navy during World War I. This handwritten diary from Braathen’s time on the U.S.S. Kearsarge was gifted to the Illinois State University after his death in July 1974. The diary was transcribed through Decipher History.

Veterans History Project Collection

Veterans History Project Collection

Nashville Public Library

The Veterans History Project Collection at the Nashville Public Library is the local version of a nationwide project, headquartered at the Library of Congress American Folklife Center. The materials at the Nashville Public Library concentrate on Davidson County veterans of World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, the Iraq War and the war in Afghanistan. Most of the collection consists of audio-recorded oral histories, but also contains letters, memoirs, photographs, scrapbooks, maps and other materials that tell the stories of individual veterans through firsthand sources.

The Maps Collection - Denver Public Library

Maps Collection

Denver Public Library

This digital collection contains a range of maps of Colorado and individual towns, including Denver, Central City, Colorado Springs and many others. Many bird’s-eye views are included.

The digital collections also feature two Denver real estate atlases of great benefit to building and neighborhood history researchers. The Robinson Atlas of 1887 and the Baist Atlas of 1905 show building footprints and basic construction information of structures in the city.

Historische VU films en videos

Historische VU films en videos

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Bibliotheek

The VU University Library has digitized all of the ‘VU films’ and a large number of videotapes, which can be viewed in this collection. The items include a range of resources from the first propaganda film dating to 1935, an impression of the centenary celebrations in 1980 and interviews with prospective students in 1999. More than 60 years of VU history are available on film: unique shots of the savings scheme and the “VU-penny bank,” D. Nauta receiving his PhD, the building plans at the time of the 75th anniversary and Dr. Martin Luther King receiving his honorary doctorate. There is also a film of the opening of the academic hospital and of one of the sit-ins held in the early 1970s when the VU made tentative steps toward modernization.

Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project

Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project   

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

The Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project (WVHP), established at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) in 1998, documents the contributions of women in the military and related service organizations since World War I. The WVHP includes a wide range of source material, including photographs, letters, diaries, scrapbooks, oral histories, military patches and insignia, uniforms and posters, as well as published works. Through active acquisition and educational outreach, the WVHP continues to expand its research collection to explore the cultural, social and military changes in American society that have been fueled by the gender integration of the armed forces.

Betty H. Carter women Veterans Historical Project

New Hampshire Sanborn Maps Collection

Dartmouth College

This collection contains maps of New Hampshire towns and cities, giving detailed information on building location and structures for insurance purposes.  Produced by the Sanborn Map Company, these maps also hold a wealth of information and can be used as primary sources in historical research.

The Art Collection - Cleveland Public Library

The Art Collection

Cleveland Public Library

The Cleveland Public Library has a diverse collection of art works on display and in storage. There are New Deal murals, WPA prints, works by Cleveland artists, portraits, sculptures and story tiles. The Biehle family collection includes posters designed by August Biehle, Jr., as well as posters for the Kokoon Arts club ball. The folk arts collection reflects the cultural heritage of Cleveland’s many ethnic communities.

Murals of Northern Ireland - Claremont Colleges Digital Library

Murals of Northern Ireland

Claremont Colleges Digital Library

This collection forms an archive of murals from Northern Ireland—Nationalist, Republican, Unionist, Loyalist and nonaligned—painted during the Troubles and the post-conflict period (1979–2014).  The images are records that include the representation of history, the expression of political standpoints, the articulation of community concerns, formations of memory and modes of ideological address. The murals range from overtly political declarations, brutal depictions of the conflict, comments on peace and the peace process, or humor and irony.

Aboriginal Artifacts - University of Saskatchewan

Aboriginal Artifacts   

University of Saskatchewan

The University began acquiring artifacts relating to the history of the province even before it had enrolled its first student. Many of the donated items document the culture and technologies of the Indigenous Peoples.

These collections have grown significantly over the past century, and the materials specifically relating to ancient, pre-contact and past human societies now form a noncirculating teaching and research collection within the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology. Although the collection is international in scope, the items within the database here are limited to a geographic area from the Arctic to Mexico.

The Jay T. Last collection of Graphic Arts and Social History - Huntington Library

The Jay T. Last collection of Graphic Arts and Social History

Huntington Library

Jay Last launched his passion for collecting printed paper while pioneering the American high-tech industry on the US west coast. Considered one of the founders of Silicon Valley, Last made a business move in the early 1970s from northern California to the orange-growing south where citrus box labels at local flea markets sparked his interest in color lithography, printing history and ephemera. These labels displayed some of the most spectacular graphics he had ever seen and would form the seminal archive of his entire collection.

The Jay T. Last Collection of Graphic Arts and Social History is an unparalleled archive of more than 185,000 printed paper artifacts of mostly 19th and early 20th-century American origin, representing works by more than 500 lithographic companies. The Huntington Library has, in addition to the Jay T. Last Collection, holdings of more than 650,000 prints, posters, ephemera, color plate books and extra-illustrated books. For a selection of this vast collection’s holdings, please see the Prints and Ephemera Collection in the Huntington Digital Library.

The Lawson Collection – Rev William “Bill“ and Audrey Lawson Correspondence 1952–1954 Vol 1

The Lawson Collection - Rev William "Bill" and Audrey Lawson Correspondence 1952-1954 Vol 1

Houston Public Library

These three volumes tell the story of a courtship that began between two people who had never seen each other, and lasted for 56 years. Most people know this couple as Rev. William (Bill) and Mrs. Audrey Hoffman Lawson. Audrey wrote to William on a dare in the women's dormitory at Tennessee State University. He had graduated from Tennessee State, and she transferred there from Stowe Teachers’ College in St. Louis after he had left. Bill wrote back to this unknown TSU student, and they started a correspondence that soon became a daily event.

USARI Legacy – Soviet Posters

USARI Legacy - Soviet Posters

George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies

The mission of the US Army Russian Institute (USARI) was to provide graduate-level Russian language and area training pertinent to staff and military attaché duties in support of the Department of the Army Foreign Area Officer (FAO) program. Students studied everything they could about the Russian language, ideology and political structure, as well as history, literature and sociological characteristics of the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries, developing a network of experts on Soviet military and political thought. Faculty consisted of former Soviet citizens who were born, raised and educated in Russia. The first were recruited after World War II, and this collection spotlights remnants of the many colorful Soviet revolutionary posters that were hung throughout the school.

Collin County History Timeline

Collin County History Timeline   

Plano Public Library

The library used the Collin County Timeline as a way to showcase a portion of its CONTENTdm image collection, giving a chronological narrative to the images and directing traffic back into those image collections. The timeline was created using JS Timeline, an open source tool, created by Northwestern University Knight Lab.

Early Washington Maps

Early Washington Maps

Washington State University Libraries

This collection includes more than 1,250 historic maps presented as high-resolution “zoomable” jpeg2000 files. They were created in collaboration with WSU Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections and the University of Washington Libraries.

Photo credit: University of Washington Libraries Manuscripts, Special Collections and University Archives Division.

Images of The Great Salem Fire, June 25, 1914

Images of the Great Salem Fire, June 25, 1914

Peabody Essex Museum

This collection, created to honor the centennial of The Great Salem Fire of 1914, displays 150 images that depict the burned district in Salem before the fire; the conflagration and how it spread; fire-fighting efforts and images of the Salem Fire Department and its equipment; the ruins and destruction caused by the fire; the plight of the homeless and relief efforts to assist them; and the reconstruction and redevelopment of the city. Improvements in technology provided opportunities to extract details from images that were not readily seen at the time the images were created; the collection includes several of these detailed images. 

Photograph: Phillips Library of the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem MA.

Requests for permission to publish this image or any others from the Salem Fire Collection must be submitted in writing to the Reference Librarian in the Phillips Library at the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts.

University Archives Historic Photographs

University Archives Historic Photographs

University of Massachusetts Boston

The Massachusetts legislature established the University of Massachusetts Boston in 1964. The second university in the UMass system, UMass Boston opened its doors in 1965 at a renovated building in Park Square in downtown Boston. The university moved to its present campus on Columbia Point in Dorchester in 1974.

Photographs in this collection help to document the history of the University of Massachusetts Boston. Included in this growing collection are photographs from the Boston Normal School, one of the antecedent institutions to UMass Boston. The Boston Normal School was designed to train women teachers for the Boston Public Schools and became a separate entity when it moved from Girls’ High to the top floors of the Rice School in 1876.

Photograph courtesy of the University Archives & Special Collections Department, Joseph P. Healey Library, University of Massachusetts Boston: University Archives Historic Photographs

Claude and ZerNona Black Papers

Claude and ZerNona Black Papers    

Trinity University

The Claude and ZerNona Black Papers were acquired by the Coates Library in October 2011. The collection documents the civil rights, civic activism and Baptist ministry of Reverend Claude William Black, Jr. and his wife, ZerNona Stewart Black, in San Antonio, Texas. The documents span the years from the early 1900s through 2009, and include handwritten and typed manuscripts and recordings related to sermons, memorial services, and explorations of religious doctrine and community service;  daily agendas, scrapbooks, photographs, event brochures and political ephemera; newspaper clippings about city council and participation in city events; and correspondence with local and national figures of social and political importance, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., A. Philip Randolph and U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Clearwater Public Library System Online Archive – Clearwater Historical Society Photograph Collection

Clearwater Public Library System Online Archive – Clearwater Historical Society Photograph Collection

Pinellas Public Library System – Pinellas Memory

A portion of the Clearwater Historical Society's extensive photograph archive has been scanned, cataloged and made available on Pinellas Memory. For more information about this collection, please direct inquiries to the Clearwater Historical Society.

Greetings From… Des Plaines Memory Collection

Posters and Prints Collection

Pritzker Military Museum & Library

The Mission of the Pritzker Military Museum & Library is to acquire and maintain an accessible collection of materials and to develop appropriate programs focusing on the Citizen Soldier in the preservation of democracy. The Pritzker Military Museum & Library’s digital Posters and Prints Collection contains over a thousand posters, prints and original artwork dating from the late 17th century to the present. The bulk of the collection consists of propaganda posters from World War I and World War II, including works from Howard Chandler Christy, James Montgomery Flagg and Norman Rockwell. The collection contains works from more than a dozen countries in at least eight languages.

Los Angeles Examiner Collection, 1920–1961

Alexandria Bombardment of 1882 Photograph Album

The American University in Cairo

The Alexandria Bombardment of 1882 Photograph Album digital collection was originally compiled by Italian photographer Luigi Fiorillo. This unique resource documents the British naval attack on 'Urabi Pasha's nationalists, who revolted against Taufik Pasha, the Khedive of Egypt, from 1879 to 1882. Fiorillo’s 50-page album records damage to Alexandria's neighborhoods, particularly the harbor and the fortress district. The images trace the development of this episode from the arrival of the British fleet to the destruction of the emerging downtown district.

Ohio Postcard Collection

Ohio Postcard Collection

Columbus Metropolitan Library

The Ohio Postcard Collection contains over 9,000 early 20th century postcards of Ohio cities and towns from Aberdeen to Zoar. The collection was originally acquired in the 1970s through funds from the John M. Lewis estate.

Watercolors and Drawings of Allan Rohan Crite

Watercolors and Drawings of Allan Rohan Crite

Boston Athenaeum

Born in New Jersey, but raised and educated in Boston, Allan Rohan Crite (1910–2007) spent his life observing and chronicling the city’s South End and Roxbury neighborhoods. He was drawn to art at an early age, studying first at the Children’s Art Center with Charles Woodbury and later at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School (1929 to 1936) with Philip Hale and others. Crite became one of the most prolific artists of his generation, creating a vast body of work in a variety of media, from oil paintings and watercolors, to lithographs and drawings.

Greetings From... Des Plaines Memory Collection

Des Plaines Public Library

This large collection of modern and vintage postcards includes scenes of Des Plaines, Illinois, holiday postcards, novelty postcards, tourist attractions and more. The collection brings together a wide range of materials related to local Des Plaines history and culture. The bulk of the photographs, postcards, letters and other items have been selected from the archives of the Des Plaines History Center. 


Heart of the Soldier

Palo Alto City Library

This is a collection of photographs and writings created by local veterans. As a recipient of a 2014 CA Reads grant from Cal Humanities on the theme of War Comes Home, the library was able to present a creative writing series and a photography series for Palo Alto veterans.


General Photographic Archives - The Tyrrell Historical Library Digital Collections

City of Beaumont

This collection consists of 3,677 photographs that pertain to the history of the greater Beaumont area. The images can be categorized into many themes such as: street scenes, aerial views, agriculture, churches, schools, libraries, restaurants, hotels, banks, businesses, commerce and industry, city service functions, theaters and entertainment, private homes, and commercial and public buildings, as well as personal and family portraits. The collection represents a wide range of topical information that spans a time period of roughly 150 years. 


The Friesner Herbarium Digital Collection

PALNI - Butler University

This digital collection was developed by the Friesner Herbarium and Butler University Libraries, with digital images created by Indiana University Purdue University–Indianapolis University Library. The Friesner Herbarium Digital Collection currently contains more than 19,500 images of plant specimens, collected throughout Indiana, from the Butler University Friesner Herbarium. This collection includes fern, orchid and sunflower specimens along with plants in the bean, buttercup, figwort, mint, mustard, rose, lily, pink, carrot and forget-me-not families, plus non-Carex sedge members of the sedge family. At this point, more than 1,100 species are covered in this collection.


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