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OCLC WorldShare Management Services

The first cooperative management service for libraries

Safeguarding Library Data in the Cloud with OCLC

Attracted by efficiencies, flexibility and savings, libraries around the world are migrating their systems to the cloud.  OCLC is drawing on its long history of strong data protection to secure the benefits of the cloud for libraries everywhere.  

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Creating a different future for library services

OCLC WorldShare Management Services provide a unified, Web-based environment that streamlines acquisitions, circulation, license management and metadata management workflows and offers a powerful discovery and delivery tool for library users.

Both replacing and standing apart from traditional ILS systems, OCLC’s cloud-based library management services enable libraries to share infrastructure costs and resources as well as to collaborate in new ways.

Most important benefits

Both replacing and standing apart from traditional ILS systems, WMS offers the following:

  • Shared data. Aggregated data connects WorldCat, the WorldCat knowledge base, vendor records, local holdings records, publisher data, authority records and more.
  • Entirely Web-based. No more need to purchase and update hardware and software, making it possible to reallocate resources to more important tasks. Increased visibility on the web due to strategic partnerships that redirect users to your library.
  • Cost benefits. Generates cost benefits for your library, since you no longer have to purchase and maintain local hardware and software.
  • Increased efficiencies. Helps your library staff to manage both electronic and print collections through a single, Web-based interface.
  • Simplified workflows. Offers workflows that let you reclaim time spent in the back office.
  • Time savings. Enables you to save time in the back office and to focus on those higher priority projects that best serve your users.
  • Better discovery. Users can do one search across all of your library materials, making discovery and access easy, fast and more user-friendly.
  • Apps from OCLC WorldShare Platform. Creation, sharing and use of new applications enhances your staff and patron experience.

"Our main aim is to improve student satisfaction. We feel that WorldShare Management Services can really help with that."

Emma Sansby, Head of Library Services, Bishop Grosseteste University, UK

Launched for general release in July 2011, more than 150 libraries are now actively using WorldShare Management Services, with more signing up every month. As more libraries subscribe, the benefits for each individual library are enhanced due to the cooperative nature of these services.

Here’s why libraries are choosing to join the WorldShare Management Services community:

  • Shared data. Connects library workflows to the massively aggregated, collective data in WorldCat, eliminating silos and improving efficiencies.
  • Entirely Web-based applications. Cloud-based technology means there’s no need to purchase hardware or manage local servers and software, enabling the reallocation of resources to more important projects.
  • Radically-improved workflows. Seamless integration of ordering, receiving and cataloging saves librarians time.
  • Intuitive and streamlined staff interface. Common interface manages all physical and electronic materials more efficiently.
  • Google-like searching. Enhanced end-user discovery with WorldCat Local is included enabling users to do a single search across a library’s full array of resources.
  • Increased visibility on the Web. OCLC partnerships redirect users from the Web straight to libraries—helping to support users at their point of need.
  • OCLC is a worldwide library cooperative. A not-for-profit cooperative managed and owned by libraries, OCLC represents library interests in the wider information environment.

OCLC WorldShare Management Services: In libraries now. Ready for your library today.

Continuing the mission of the OCLC cooperative

Together with a library advisory council and pilot libraries, we have worked to pioneer one set of applications in the cloud. With WMS, libraries can share data and activities across as many workflows as possible - acquisitions, circulation, metadata and license management and others.

Serving as the foundation of WMS is WorldCat. Data can be shared not just between departments, but between libraries, improving in quality and relevance as it’s enhanced along the way. The result is having the information your users need to identify and select materials in an unified system that your library staff need for acquiring and managing them.

“From its inception, we have engaged member libraries to advise us every step of the way. It is truly the ongoing result of collective innovation.”

Andrew K. Pace, OCLC Executive Director of Networked Library Services

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