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The library is a hub of information transfer, procurement and retrieval, a meeting point of culture and communication. The challenge facing libraries today is to provide comprehensive information and satisfactory on-site services in the increasingly competitive world of the Internet.   

Making the internal processes in your library efficient and cost-effective is as important as opening your library up to outside collaboration. Cross-business processes involving external partners such as booksellers, publishers, library associations, database providers, etc., naturally have to be included in such a library system.

SISIS-SunRise meets all the requirements facing a modern library system. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, flexible and user-friendly, it strengthens you as a service provider and enables you to continuously expand your range of services. This applies to all business processes in your library, from acquisitions and cataloging to circulation. From user searches in local and worldwide data holdings to making your data available on the Internet and in external systems.

Open and accessible in and out...

The concept of standardized interfaces and protocols simplifies the integration of any additional modules, new devices or services into the SISIS-SunRise application. Individual requirements can be also be put into practice quickly and economically.

This opens up significant potential for optimizing your business processes. For example: You use a supplier's online order server to determine what media you might want to order, which you then order by e-mail or in XML format. The acquisitions process is initiated and followed up in the SISIS-SunRise system, and the order is documented in the catalog and circulation system. Electronically available data, e.g., delivery notes for issue entries, is processed and directly transferred to the journals index.

Cataloging and external data transfer are no problem with Z39.50!

In addition to conventional cataloging with convenient entry and management tools, the integrated Z39.50 interface enables you to import data from any Z39 source for acquisition/cataloging. Furthermore, you can use the SISIS-SunRise Z39 target on the Internet to make your own holdings available to other users.

The system provides you with interfaces supporting the connection to the most diverse library association systems. It also allows you to establish an online connection to associations' ZFL interlibrary loan server systems and offers integration in central portal applications.

Get bonus points by offering efficient user services!

SISIS-SunRise webOPAC and the local library portal SISIS InfoGuide are your powerful information platforms for all users. Intuitive and self-explanatory, they allow the user to search data sources locally and also worldwide (thanks to appropriate interfaces). Cutting-edge search technology and the great range of associated service functions make searching for information a success story.

Search terms entered are checked for spelling and corrected if necessary or automatically extended to include appropriate grammatical forms. The search for similar terms, based on a hit, enables the user to find similar documents. All this is fast and clearly displayed.

In addition to searching, the user can also order documents via interlibrary loan where applicable, around the clock.

In addition, your users can employ the self-service functions integrated in these modules to reserve media, request renewals or query account information.

Can you use some more?

Whether it is book safeguarding and self check-out/check-in systems, automatic payment procedures or online registration, by using SISIS-SunRise you're offering your users ease and convenience that they will appreciate. This also includes SDI services and electronic mail sent directly to a user's home PC or library information sent to a user's mobile phone by SMS. Your library can use the full range of Internet technology options to inform your readers.

You can control all your library's organization-related and process-specific features easily and reliably via your Web browser by using the SISIS-SunRise administration component. Its comprehensive range of parameter options allows you to control processes and conditions individually. All authorization checks are defined and monitored centrally.

Technology that makes you flexible

SISIS-SunRise is based on the client-server model and uses a logical protocol to connect Windows clients, application servers and middleware. This ensures a balanced load distribution and the flexibility and scalability your system needs.

Whether requirements arise from new services, the integration of new devices or additional functional combinations, the necessary solutions can be implemented without unreasonable expenditure of time or resources. This makes a SISIS-SunRise library not only flexible, but also future-proof.

This includes the use of powerful hardware and standards, starting with the servers/operating systems (Solaris, Linux), through the database systems (Sybase, ORACLE), and all the way up to the peripheral devices.

Our service for you

More than 20 years of experience in library software development have gone into SISIS-SunRise, which is the third generation of library systems we have developed for our customers. We offer everything from comprehensive initial consultation to start-up, all from a single source.

You are also welcome to consult us at any point after your SISIS solution has gone live. Please contact our specialized hotline team or use our online error reporting and information procedures.

We are your partners in every phase of your library project: Planning – financing – implementation– training and maintenance.

Show your information competence by using the SISIS-SunRise library system.