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SISIS-SunRise includes the following central modules:

SunRise Acquisition

SISIS SunRise Acquisition automates the business process of procuring media in your library. Whether you are a public or a research library, with a centralized or decentralized acquisitions program, you can quickly and easily adapt the system to your own organizational structure.

SunRise Cataloging

SISIS SunRise Cataloging enables you to set up your own central bibliographic database. It provides a flexible category framework that you can use for both standard formats such as MAB2 and individual formats that you can map or modify during operation.

SunRise Circulation

SISIS SunRise offers you absolute flexibility in mapping your business processes for circulation. All organization forms, whether for academic libraries, public libraries, library branches, open access areas, closed stacks or both, can be set up and adjusted in this system easily and conveniently.

SunRise webOPAC

Whether on the Internet or right in your library – with SISIS-SunRise webOPAC, you offer your users personalized access to your local holdings as well as comprehensive self-service and service functions. The simple, self-explanatory user interfaces of SISIS-SunRise webOPAC quickly make your users feel right at home. All services (search, order, user account services) are available with a single access; the functions are quickly and directly accessible with intuitive navigation.