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Add-on services

Add more features to SISIS-SunRise with any of the following:

FIAC [FIBU] Interface

The SISIS SunRise FIAC Interface component closes the gap between acquisitions and accounting in your administrative system. It offers a convenient and secure alternative to double entry and saves your acquisitions and bookkeeping staff extra time and effort.

IDM Connector

IDM Connector offers your library and your users all the advantages of a synchronized Identity Management system up to and including single sign-on functionality. Users only need to enter their ID once for access to all your institution's applications and systems.

SunRise Mail

By adding SISIS SunRise Mail, you can take advantage of all the benefits of electronic mail. It's fast, flexible and economical. With almost instantaneous distribution of library correspondence and important circulars, you can economize at the same time that you increase communications with your users.

SunRise SMS

With SISIS SunRise SMS, you can reach your users directly, personally and instantly with text messages anywhere they can be reached via their mobile phones. You save time and money when compared to traditional postal services and you can strengthen your users' relationship with the library.