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SISIS-SunRise at a glance

SISIS-SunRise meets all the requirements of a modern library system. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, flexible and user-friendly, it strengthens you as a service provider and enables you to continuously expand your range of services. This applies to all business processes in your library, from acquisitions and cataloging (including external data processing) to circulation. From user searches in local and worldwide data holdings to making your data available on the Internet and in external systems. The system's high degree of flexibility means you can use it in academic and public libraries of any size, as well as in specialized libraries.


  • A modern, powerful library and information system
  • Standardized interfaces and protocols guarantee internal and external flexibility
  •  Standards (Z39.50, SIP2) and the newest technology ensure connectivity
  • User-friendly and ergonomic user interface
  • Efficient and cost-effective


  • Covers all the business processes of a library (acquisitions, journal and e-media management, catalog, circulation, user searches, administration, statistics, etc.)
  • A large number of additional service options can be integrated (book safeguarding, self-service, SDI service, automatic payment and posting processes, SMS and e-mail service, etc.)
  • A cross-process administration tool for all functional areas
  • Available modules include: Acquisition, Cataloging, Circulation, WebOPAC
  • Available add-on products include: IDM Connector
  • Available add-on products unique to Sunrise include: EC-Pay, ELLI, FIBU InterfaceSunrise e-Mail, Sunrise SMS