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Library Management

Streamline your processes and bring your services to the user’s point of need


COMPREHENSIVE—All aspects of service managed


FLEXIBLE—Adaptable to local needs


EFFICIENT—Eliminate steps and free up time

The library’s management system is the backbone of its operation.  Acquisitions, circulation, inter-library loan and cataloguing, though separate functions of the library, are interdependent.   Library software has evolved by fusing these functions in to integrated library management systems.

The growth of the OCLC organisation in Europe has been through merger of organisations that have developed such systems over many years to cater for library operations in different regional settings (see the full list below).  We take pride in the fact that we are embedded in the library landscape, in many different countries and are fully engaged in the dialogue within each region, as to how services should evolve and develop to meet the library needs of the twenty-first century.

OCLC provides locally deployed and cloud-based library management systems to more than 9,000 libraries in Europe, Australia, Africa and the United States.

Amlib Amlib is a Web-based library management system developed in Australia and implemented in school, public and special libraries primarily in Australia, Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.
Bibliotheca Bibliotheca is the most recent arrival to the fold of OCLC management systems.  Serving over 4000 public libraries in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
LBS LBS is a Web-based library management system used by academic libraries in the Netherlands and Germany.
OLIB OLIB has for over twenty years served governmental, corporate, health and further education libraries in the UK and Europe.
SISIS-SunRise SISIS - SunRise the number one management system for academic libraries in the German-speaking region.

In more recent times, OCLC has announced its strategy of offering cloud-based management services, known as WorldShare Management Services, which are currently rolling out in several countries around the globe, including the US, Australia, Netherlands and the UK.

OCLC provides locally deployed and Web-based library management systems to more than 5,000 libraries in Europe, Australia, Africa and the United States.

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