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OCLC Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Council Meeting 2013

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On 26 and 27 February 2013 OCLC's Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Council (EMEARC) will hold its Member Meeting in the Palais des Congrès, Strasbourg, France.

Why should you attend?

There are several reasons why you should attend this meeting:

First of all, the meeting is in fact also a conference, and not any conference! It a conference on a very hot topic, Dynamic Data, which is one of the most important factors to deal with in today’s information world, where everyone is talking about the “cloud” and its possibilities which in fact are based on this data, called dynamic.

  • What is Dynamic Data? Come and find out!
  • How could Dynamic Data be used? Join us and find out!
  • Who creates Dynamic Data? Attend and find out!

The conference will guide us through the rapid evolutions of data management and explore the agendas that are driving the revolution in technology.  Sessions such as The Power of Shared Data, The Progress of moving data to the cloud and Innovating with Data will present a broad spectrum of opportunities for libraries to innovate their services.  A  range of pre-conference member sessions are offered with a variety of topics such as Linked Data, WorldShare Management Services, Discovery and Resource sharing and Digital collection building using Contentdm. We have also invited Members to take an active part in the meeting by hosting a Poster Session on innovations in data visualization and management.

One of the important reasons for this meeting is to provide a meeting point for OCLC members and other colleagues across the region.  It is a great opportunity to meet old and future members, to chat with colleagues and share experiences.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to find out more about OCLC services and to learn about on-going research at OCLC which really has changed the information landscape in many regions of the world, which also will have great impact on our libraries and their survival.

Another point that makes this meeting so special is the location, Strasbourg.  Come and experience this beautiful French city, situated in the Alsace wine district on the banks of the river Rhine. Strasbourg is the seat of several European Institutions such as the European Parliament, which you have the opportunity to visit as part of an additional enrichment programme.  The old town is a “must do”,  with the Cathedral of Notre Dame, and the conference dinner will be served in the L’Ancienne Douane, a wonderful old historical building where we will taste traditional Alsace gastronomy and renowned local wines. 

Finally, the last reason why you should catch this opportunity:  There is no conference fee!

Welcome to Strasbourg!

Visit the EMEARC website to find out more. 

Annsofie Oscarsson

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