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EMEA Regional Council Meeting 2013

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Come and meet fellow members from the region at the 2013 EMEARC Annual Meeting.

The theme is Dynamic Data: a world of possibilities.  The meeting will provide you with an opportunity to find out how the work of libraries to share and aggregate data, is creating massive opportunities for libraries of the future to engage at the scale of the World Wide Web.  

As governments prioritise the opening of public assets to make them more accessible for the purposes of research and study, library data has a greater significance than ever before.

At the same time, library data has a massive appeal in the context of the Web. Technologists like semantically strong, large-scale aggregations of data. So we find terms like linked data and RDF entering the library lexicon.

At the 2013 meeting, we will discuss how our efforts of the past to share and aggregate data within the community are creating massive opportunities for libraries of the future. We will discover more about national digital agendas and we will take a closer look at some of the innovations in data management that are revolutionising the way we process and understand information.

The 2013 EMEA Regional Council Meeting assembles a range of keynote speakers and sessions from across our region to explore these important agendas.

The conference website and full programme will be available at the end of October and you will be able to register at that time.

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