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Membership Meetings

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An opportunity to discuss issues that are relevant to your country or region and meet OCLC EMEA Global Council Delegates

member_imageCendrella Habre, OCLC Global Council Delegate introducing Robin Green, Chair OCLC EMEA Regional Council at the OCLC Membership Meeting, Lebanese American University, Beirut.
member_image2Sawsan Habre, Mahmoud Khalif, Rehab Ouf, David Nelson and Janet Lees spoke at the Membership Meeting in Beirut.

The OCLC EMEA Regional Council Executive Committee introduced regional membership meetings two years ago in an attempt to bring the cooperative closer to members – particularly those for whom the annual EMEARC meeting may be too far away to attend. In 2010 meetings were held in four locations in South Africa and were led by Gwenda Thomas, at that time an OCLC Global Council Delegate and Chair of EMEA Regional Council.

This year a meeting was held in Beirut, Lebanon and hosted by Cendrella Habre, Lebanese American University and a new OCLC Global Council Delegate. Cendrella wanted to hear from her new constituency and invited library members from across the Middle East region including Egypt, UAE and Lebanon to come to her library to participate in a programme that included Robin Green, 2011/12 Chair of the EMEA Regional Council.

The member led presentations included:

  • Sawsan Habre, ILL/DDS librarian (LAU) spoke about cost effectiveness of the OCLC resource sharing service.
  • Rehab Ouf, Arabic Standards Department, Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Egypt), gave a presentation on their experience of Arabizing the Dewey Decimal Classification in cooperation with OCLC.
  • David Nelson, Associate Dean, American University in Cairo, Main Library, lectured about the benefits of the lengthy partnership between AUC and OCLC.
  • Mahmoud Khalif, OCLC Fellow, described his experience of the OCLC Fellowship program.

Robin Green, Chair EMEARC talked about OCLC as a collaborative and detailed the benefits to his institution the University of Warwick in the UK. Janet Lees, OCLC EMEA Community Liaison gave an update on OCLC’s Webscale initiatives and “how to get the best out of OCLC membership”.

After a traditional Lebanese lunch Arthur Smith, Director Strategic Business Development, Middle East and India led a Town Hall meeting that provided the opportunity for members to indicate topics that they wanted Cendrella to take on board as an OCLC Global Council Delegate – an opportunity she will have at November’s Global Council Meeting where an Arabic Interest Group will be proposed.

Would you like a membership meeting in your country/region? Would you be prepared to host a meeting at your institution?

Would you like your OCLC Global Council Delegate to speak at a local meeting?

To find out more about opportunities to engage with your OCLC Global Council Delegate email

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