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Below is a current list of the cookies OCLC uses on its main sites and services, a short description of the cookie and the period of time the cookie will remain on your device if you take no actions to block or remove the cookie.

Cookie Name


Persistence if no actions taken


This strictly necessary cookie is used by the system to validate and redirect returning users.

10 minutes

owcLocRedirectSession, owcLocRedirectPersistent

These strictly necessary cookies are used to temporarily retain redirect information.


_nr.local, _nr.selected, no_inst

These strictly necessary cookie are used to prevent redirecting a user to another site


_r_sc,  _r_pc,  _r_id,  _r_al,  _r_ct,  _r_dp,  _r_hs,  _r_db

These performance cookies are used by OCLC for testing purposes, such as to ensure the site allows case sensitive replies.

Session (Only used on occasion when OCLC is testing its services)

LAC-Alert-Empty-Profile, LAC-User-Query, LAC-User-FacetedQuery

These functional cookies are used to retain previous queries on the site during the session or prevent repeated notifications to user.


LAC-User-Location, LAC-User-Lang, LAC-Preferred-Country, oclc_website

These functional cookies are used to record country/site and language that the user is accessing. 

1 Year

OWC-Lib-Symbol               OWC-Lib-Name

These functional cookies are used to record a users location and library to display appropriate bibliographic records.

1 Year

LAC-User-LoginName         LAC-User-RememberMe

These functional cookies are used to remember the user that logged in and, if clicked, to also remember that user.

30 Days

LAC-Debug-Flag                     LAC-User-Databases        LAC-SR-Url                         LAC-User-FedState            LAC-User-Scope-Holding-*

These functional cookies are used to help debug the site and temporarily store user preferences.



This functional cookie is used to identify the user's state for display of library holdings information.


dblist                                            srUrl

These functional cookies are used to store a list of database identifiers and URLS of from within the service.



This functional cookie is used to store the value of the certain federated databases searched.


_atuvc, uid, ssh, sshs, uit, di, dt, uid

These functional cookies are from Add This, which provides the social networking widget found in many of our pages. This widget gives you the tools to bookmark our sites, share, tweet and e-mail content from OCLC to a friend or colleague.

Up to 2 years

_utma, _utmz, _utmc

These functional cookies from Google Analytics are used to better understand how our users navigate to and through our websites, how long users spend on pages and track site effectiveness

Up to 2 years

s_sq, s_cc, s_vi

These functional cookies from Omniture provides OCLC with our web analytics data or detailed information on the performance of our websites, such as how many total users have visited

Up to 2 years

CASTGC, sitebar, 8t634XE8zcNA

These strictly necessary cookies are used to authenticate users to our sites and provide access



These functional cookies are used to provide additional site use information to OCLC

Session or 24 hours